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We focus on Yeshua (Jesus), and see a golden angel with a golden tablet. He’s an eternal heavenly scribe.

We hear the ONENESS sound: “oooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee.” We understand that the angel in heaven, and we are being directed to walk into the sound. We are all together as a group. We all walk past the angel into the sound.

The sound gives off a shimmering light, as we walk through it. The sound reverberates through us. We become one with it. We sense the sound can go anywhere. We see no limit to the sound, light and vibration. It can cross vast distances. We feel like we are translated into the sound of heaven. We feel elation, and rise up in a circular spiral manner like a double-helix DNA strand with the sound.

We ask the LORD: “Where do you want to take us?” We feel like we are traveling freely in a spiraling circular motion. The Lord wants to take us into a deeper place than we’ve ever been. We ask the Lord to make all of us ONE with the oneness sound, and feel a wonderful peace.

We see a rose-gold color. The color is infiltrating the space. The color changes with the movement of sound from more gold to more rose. It’s a very warm color that reminds one of a previous journey into Yeshua’s heart. We now see a red-purple color that moves around in irregular shapes. We ask the Lord: “What do the colors mean?”

The colors have a transparency to them. It reminds one of a symphony. We remember how the colors moved to the symphony in the movie Fantasia. We begin to see all different colors. The ethereal wavy quality of the colors reminds us of steam rising from a cup of tea. We understand that God (Yah) is not containable. He’s always moving, vibrating, and speaking. We hear: “THE COLORS OF HIS VOICE OF ONENESS. IN ONENESS, WE ARE A SYMPHONY.” There’s a beauty in the symphony.

We see a pulsating circular belt of color. We ask the Lord in amazement: “Where are we?” He tells us: “You are in Me. As I AM, so are you.” The circular belt appears like a wheel within a wheel. Where He goes, we go. Sense being transformed into vapor and being transported, like the old “I Dream of Jeanie” TV Show.

We sense that we’ve been here before – Orion’s Belt. We are in Him, and we can do what He does. His energy can materialize; and then, disappear. The LORD tells us that He wants us to know Him like this. We sense He wants us to experience Him as light, sound, truth in this infinite deep place. It is a state of “BEING” instead of “doing.” The pulsating rhythm is His heart. HE is pointing us to BEYOND AGAPE.

One asks: “Who would recognize You in this form?” We hear: “Those who are in Spirit and Truth.” We are reminded of the time when people didn’t recognize the risen Yeshua, even when walking on the same road. Hear Him say: “I added the color for flare,” so we can see Him too.

We sense that He has taken us beyond being a seer. He is showing us a new dimension of Himself that we have not experienced before. We hear: In Him before the foundation of the world.” This is our spirit form. We see more volume. One is reminded of a previous vision of “let there be light” when they saw molecules of light and heard giggling and there was us. The Corporate One has always been.

One in the Corporate One has heard the same one-note sound in the past when taking communion (common union) with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He wants us to understand being one.

We see a vortex or funnel – a focus point. We enter the funnel. We hear the oneness sound – the one-note – and head deeper into this dimension. We walk into it. We come to a V-like motion. The funnel becomes a portal. We hear: “Inner ear.” We are a symphony of One in Him, and He is sending us as ONE, as a sound. He’s bringing what was before the foundation of the world through His funnel to this earthly realm (dimension), which is the Corporate One New Man in His beyond agape love.

His beyond agape symphony of ONE is travelling to where He wants it. It’s going to land in the inner ear. We see the follicles of an inner ear. They look like harvest waves. It reminds one of a keyboard.

THIS SOUND IS THE FATHER’S LOVE – the rose-gold that is beyond agape. We stop and rest to soak in this great gift of love to us. The sound is to go to the lost sheep of the House if Israel. We ask if we are supposed to project this to them now, and we sense it will be done by a decree. We see Yah’s frequency coming out of our mouths, even though there were no words.


WE DECREE that the Corporate One is the colors, lights and vibrations before the foundation of the world, to be as He is, so are we.

WE DECREE that we are God’s symphony of one light and sound coming from beyond agape love – the voice of oneness.

WE DECREE that we are radiating and emanating the Most High God’s heavenly light and frequency of love; depositing in the inner ears first to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, then landing in the inner ears of those who have ears to hear.

WE DECREE that those who hear are being stirred in their spirit man, and are being drawn and harvested for our God’s love, light, and life.


~ Corporate One North, 12-15-11, “Beyond Agape Love”

[Sapphire Throne Ministries is the teaching arm of Corporate One North and humbly submits this to you, as unto Him.]

NOTE: Corporate One North (C1N) is made up of four people who focus on being ONE in the Messiah. Our primary core values are: [1] To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matt 6:33). [2] To love God and people (Deut 6:4-5; Mark 12:30-31).

BTW – This visionary third-heaven group encounter of the divine kind is one of the things that the Lord of Love has led us to do. When we feel led by His Spirit, we simply focus on Yeshua and ascend by His Spirit to go wherever He so wills. We report only what we see, hear, and perceive on these divine encounter.



Hands Holding Sepia

I so agree with Wendy Christie when she says: “If you want to hold on to idols this coming year, it will not go well with you. God’s mercy will cause a GREAT SEPARATION … There will be a great contrast between those who are IN CHRIST and those who are not. This is so ALL can SEE right where they stand and have a chance to REPENT. Make no mistake about it. This is an act of God’s mercy. IN CHRIST will be the ONLY safe place.” (For the complete word for 2014 from Wendy Christie, please see –

My heart grieves; because I have witnessed this past holiday season a great number of people who love God dearly who are either unwilling or unable to look at the mixture involved in celebrating Christmas. I too see and have warned in my “THIS IS CHRISTMAS” series of articles (see below) that people who hold onto idols will be on the short end of the stick when it comes to the contrast between those who are IN CHRIST and those who are not. Yeshua can not, and will not, join Himself to idols, and Christmas is the Granddaddy of them all – literally being made in the exact same image as the Golden Calf that Aaron built (Refer to and ).

This is a year that everyone will know where they stand in relation to being IN CHRIST. I again use Wendy Christie’s words in this regard: “There will be a great contrast between those who are IN CHRIST and those who are not. This is so ALL can SEE right where they stand and have a chance to REPENT. Make no mistake about it. This is an act of God’s mercy. On one hand you will SEE judgment and on the other justice. On one hand you will SEE chaos and on the other the ORDER of God. On one hand you will SEE condemnation and on the other great blessing.” If there appears to be judgment from the Lord, chaos or condemnation in your life, turn to Him and repent; because it’s His mercy that is showing you the reality of your life’s choices. The shaking will not let up until you turn to Him with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength, because of His great love for you.

“So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ.” (Colossians 2:16-17 NKJV).

It’s ironic that Christian theologians have used Colossians 2:16-17 to justify mixing holy things with the unholy, because within this very chapter it spells out two critical components to dwelling in No Man’s Land. BTW – No Man’s Land is the place where people daily yield to His crucifixion process, which causes one’s Kingdom of Self to disappear so the Kingdom of God can appear within and without:

[1] In No Man’s Land, Crucified Ones will NOT allow themselves to be diverted, deceived, or beguiled from receiving their eternal rewards to the satisfaction of the flesh (Colossians 2:18, 23).

[2] In No Man’s Land, Crucified Ones rightly judge (open the Door of Life) to the Lord’s marks in time, so that Christ’s Body can connect to their mature Head, who is casting the shadow.

We need to look with fresh eyes at whether Colossians 2:16-17 gives Christians a plausible reason to no longer exclusively celebrate the Lord’s Feasts. We are told that the marks of time that the Lord Himself put in place to set His people’s years, months and weeks – festivals, new moons and sabbaths – are but a shadow of things to come and their substance are found in the Messiah. Yeshua is the substance; but we must comprehend that a shadow always resembles its substance. When Scripture says something is a shadow of things to come, it means that we will be answering to the Creator who is casting the shadow.

We don’t have to guess what Yeshua’s substance is. Scripture tells us that His Name is “The Word of God” (Revelation 19:13). The substance of the Lord’s celebrations is found in the Messiah, and it lines up with what’s articulated in His Word. “These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found IN CHRIST” (Colossians 2:17 NIV). Yeshua – the Head – and His Body are suppose to be the substance – the living breathing reality of His festivals, new moons and sabbaths.

Believers are not told to not celebrate the Lord’s Feasts in Colossians 2:16-17, but to not let anyone judge us in regard to them, which means people should not criticize, censure, condemn. or punish other people for the way they feel led to celebrate a Biblical Festival, a New Moon celebration, or a Sabbath because all of us are answering to the One casting the shadow. There is an assumption in the statement “Don’t let anyone judge you” that the Lord’s people are already eating, drinking and celebrating things His way. It’s similar to when God states in Matthew 6 “when you give to the needy,” “when you pray,” and “when you fast;” the Lord is assuming that His people are already giving, praying and fasting.

Colossians 2:6-12 speaks of how those who walk IN CHRIST dwell in the fullness of Christ bodily. The growth process for His Crucified Ones requires that we not only take up our cross daily, but we also follow the Messiah in all three of His baptisms (Matthew 3:11) , so we can rise with Him having put off the body of sins of the flesh.

Colossians chapter 2 repeated warns us in verses 8, 18, 20-23 that:

• God’s people can be spoilt “after the traditions of man, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ” (Colossians 2:8 KJV). There is no other celebration that is more steeped in the traditions of man and the basic principles of the world than Christmas.

• God’s people can be beguiled through a voluntary submission to another gospel and the worshipping of angels (Colossians 2:18). To be beguiled is to be deceived or hoodwinked, especially by something that appears to be agreeable. It’s something that engages your interest by deceitful cunning, duplicity, and trickery. So you tell me: Are Christians supposed to be ignorant of the fact that Satanists know that Santa is an anagram for Satan, and some of their clubs even use a Santa with a cigar to mark their meeting places? Satan (aka Santa) is the personification of the fallen angel Lucifer (Revelation 12:9) whom even God’s people worship when we voluntarily submit to following the ways of the world and we worship Jesus according to what the world tells us to do to rather that His word.

• God’s people can be deceived by being vainly puffed up by their fleshly mind (Colossians 2:18). How many Christian minds are vainly puffed up by their fleshly mind thinking they know what’s better than what’s been spelled out in Scripture? It’s a question that demands a verdict in this hour, because God’s mercy is going to be showing each one of His people which side of the Christmas divide they are on. Your life will reveal whether you are IN CHRIST or not? If things are a shaking, please turn to Him.

• God’s people are supposed to be dead with Christ from the sensual requirements of the world and satisfaction of their flesh (Colossians 2:20-23). So why do we do submit to what the world tells us to do to celebrate Yeshua (Jesus)? Why do we put up those originally pagan Christmas trees, lights, etc? Why do we choose by our own will to worship after the traditions of man? Christmas feeds our senses and feels oh so good. “This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic” (James 3:15 NKJV). Are we called to enter into the same Spirit of Christmas, but believe that the Christian version is better and sanitized, even though history can trace Christmas’s root to Babylon and 95-96% of the world participates in Christmas? God’s Word says, “No.”

Please be a Berean, and search this out yourself! Get out your Bible and get into your prayer closet. And if you need some assistance in evaluating Christmas according to History and His Word, my blog is a result of over 15 years of research as I genuinely searched for His Truth after three epiphaneous appearances from Yeshua.

Colossians 2:23 says that the fleshly worship that we voluntarily choose to participate in neglects the Messiah’s Body, because these seemingly innocent things cause His people to NOT hold fast to the Head – Christ. They also cause His Body to NOT be joined and knitted together in love due to His people walking and sowing to their flesh rather than to Spirit of the Living God (Rom 8:1,4-5; Col 2:19,23; Eph 4:15-16).

I heard: “This is your year. All that I’ve placed within you will be made know this year. This is a year to hold fast to the Head — the Messiah (Christ).” Let it be so.

~ Robin Main


The purpose of exploring the darker side of Christmas in the “THIS IS CHRISTMAS” series has been to expose its mixture and its origins in Babylon:















More historically and scripturally accurate information about Christmas can be found in my book: SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up (available on amazon


arch purple gold door

Focus on Yeshua (Jesus). We begin to worship Yah (God). We sense activity and hear: “Come. Come. Come, My Beloved.”

We see wind flowing before His Throne, making a horizontal figure eight, like a bow. As the winds flow, the sides echo their praise declaring: “Holy! Holy! Holy!” which echoes back and forth… back and forth… back and forth… We hear the word: “Preparation.” The heavenly host are not only worshipping, but preparing for something.

We (as a group) stand in front of the Figure-8 wind. From the middle of the wind, we hear: “Come. Come.” We sense that we are to walk into a vortex that appears to be some sort of door or gateway. We pulsate at the same frequency as the Wind of Infinity before the Throne. We see a throng of people bowing in rhythm with the Figure-8 Wind, and we sense their frequency is the same as the Wind of Infinity.

We become ONE, as we walk through the door. On the chest of the ONE is a pulsating frequency moving in a circular pattern. It is the same frequency as the horizontal-8 and the waves bowing before the Throne. We see over us a purple and gold arch formed by the rapid pulsating back and forth frequency.

We ask the LORD where He brought us. We hear that He is showing us how to make the kingdoms of our earth the kingdoms of our God. The gold-purple arch acts like a dome creating am atmosphere under it.

We ask LOVE if this place can be found in His Word. We hear: “II Kings Chapter 2” where Elijah was taken up to heaven by a whirlwind, and where Elisha kept his eyes on Elijah. After the Chariot of Fire (Living Creatures) separated Elijah and Elisha, Elisha tore his old mantle (robe) in two, and then struck the waters with Elijah’s clock to divide the waters, so Elisha could crossover with a double-portion of God’s Spirit.

We hear the word: “Intersection.” We sense that we need to stand there awhile. The sideways Figure-8 is a pulsating infinity sign signifying A NEW BEGINNING AT THE PLACE OF INFINITY BEFORE THE THRONE IS ACCESSED THROUGH HIS INFINITE LOVE – HIS HEART – HIS BREASTPLATE (Please refer to GOD’S INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT – BREASTPLATE URIM V’TUMIM – ).

This is the time of manifestation. It’s time for the pulsating infinite-8 written on His people’s hearts. We asked the LORD for clarification. Is this for now or for the future? We hear: “Always.” We also understand that it is a Kingdom Truth that has not been tapped into much.

We see ourselves as the One New Man in the Messiah (Christ), and we are “stripped,” (i.e. almost bare-boned). We see a circular chest-piece imbedded, like its part of our Body. It almost covers our whole chest. As we look as the over-arching pulsating structure, our circular chest-piece fills out. The longer we stand under the overarching frequency, the more that we take on the colors of the royal-golden arch.

The power source in the chest of the One New Man in the Messiah reminds us of the “Iron Man” movie. This power source in the chest can be many things, but today it is a SOURCE OF COUNSEL.  We know that our High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek is showing us a new dimension to the Melchizedek Breastplate. We sense that the purple speaks of the Fear of the Lord. We will get counsel through the fear of the Lord. This Melchizedek Breastplate is throne room alive, and very organic.

We desire to put our hands in this new chest-piece. As we all put our hands in, they go in all the way past our elbows. He is forearming us. Our arms are pulsating at the same frequency as the pulsating Melchizedek Breastplate. We see ourselves putting our feet in too up to our hips in a jack-knife position. We are tempted to jump completely in, but discern that the order of entry is important. Next, we put in our tongue. The head is next sanctifying our brains. What we do and where we go is determined by what we say and think.

We experience overall pleasure standing here in the Over-Arching Place of the Wind of Infinity. We her: “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, and strength, and others as yourselves.” We hear: “See first the Kingdom and His righteousness has a lot to do with where we are standing. It imparts Kingdom Power.”

Elijah and Elisha was a two-by-two team that pulsated with the Lord’s heart. They were ONE. In Scripture, they were not moved by what other prophets said, but only what the Lord said. We are now STANDING IN THE PLACE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE LORD. Elisha stepped into this place immediately. We need to trust His frequency in our hearts. THE MANTLE PASSED TO THIS KINGDOM GENERATION IS HIS LIVING SUBSTANCE IN A CIRCULAR BREASTPLATE. We are His power-filled Iron Man.

We see pulsating LIGHT from the arch go into our chest piece. The pulsating arch delivers a frequency into our chest; and then, projects outward from our heart. This chest piece is RIGHTEOUSNESS – His righteousness. What is poured in and flows out is connected to righteousness.

When we pulled our arms out of the pulsating chest piece, there was a small hook in our left hand and a long sword in our right. We saw ourselves pressing our equipped arms against our thighs. We looked like a powerful warrior.

The royal-golden pulsating Wind of Infinity in our chest piece represents the UNLIMITED REALM. Walking in the unlimited place of Royal Order of Melchizedek is the Double-Portion Spirit Anointing of II Kings 2.

PROPHETIC ACT: The Corporate One North group feel led to do a prophetic act. We stand and jump at the same time into the pulsating disk as ONE. We realize that we are standing taller – more erect – equipped and armed as a wing of the Melchizedek Army. We touch each others shoulders, and hear: “A new creation formed.” We have huge ears to hear the counsel of the Lord. We hear the counsel of the Lord, and stand in it – radiate it.

Won’t you choose to join us?! To whosoever wills. It is a high cost and call to become part of His Order of Melchizedek, but the rewards are out-of-this world!!!


~Corporate One North, 05-23-13, “Stepping Into the Counsel of God”

[Sapphire Throne Ministries is the teaching arm of Corporate One North and humbly submits this to you, as unto Him.]

NOTE: Corporate One North (C1N) is made up of four people who focus on being ONE in the Messiah. Our primary core values are: [1] To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matt 6:33). [2] To love God and people (Deut 6:4-5; Mark 12:30-31).

BTW – This visionary third-heaven group encounter of the divine kind is one of the things that the Lord of Love has led us to do. When we feel led by His Spirit, we simply focus on Yeshua and ascend by His Spirit to go wherever He so wills. We report only what we see, hear, and perceive on these divine encounter.


Originally posted 12-29-13 –

God’s Invisible Government – Breastplate Urim v’Tumim

Breastplate stones

Did you know that you are a creative sound that is made to resound with renown — the renown of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? And your creative sound made to resound with renown is connected to the government of Yah (God)?

What is the invisible government of YHWH anyway? There is more than one answer to this question. God’s Kingdom within you and me is like the wings of His heart wrapping around our eyes, so we can see how His heart moves. Let’s explore one dimension of God’s invisible government that is portrayed in the High Priest’s Breastplate, which was connected to his shoulders and placed on his heart. Please consider if God’s government is upon Yeshua (Jesus) who is the Prince of Peace that sits upon the Throne of David (Isa 9:6-7), then also consider that He is the Head while His believers are His Body. On the Body of the Messiah are shoulders, and in the background of ancient picture of the Royal Priesthood of Believers is the Breastplate of Judgment, sometimes called the Breastplate of Righteousness (Urim v’Tumim).

I once erroneous taught that the Urim v’Tumim was some sort of a “lot,” because my NASB International Inductive Study Bible had an Insight Note, which states: “The breastplate, which was fastened to the ephod, had a linen pouch which held the Urim and Thummim, which may have been used as sacred lots to reveal God’s will (1 Samuel 28:6).” 1 Samuel 28:6 says, “When Saul inquired of the LORD, the LORD did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by prophets.” By the time the events of 1 Samuel 28 rolls around, David had already been anointed as King, and an evil spirit sent by the Lord was tormenting Saul as a result of his continual dabbling in divination, rebellion and insubordination to God.

Let’s get the correct insight into the Breastplate of Judgment (Choshen Mishpat) by looking into Hebrew History. First of all the Breastplate of Judgment on the High Priest’s garments was made of a 28-strand colored wool yarn/linen/gold material that had been twisted and rolled together, then folded in half to form a pouch. The 28-strand Breastplate was shaped like a rectangle measuring 1 cubit by ½ cubit (approximately 18 inches x 9 inches). In this pouch-like pocket Moses inserted a piece of parchment that is said to have had the Ineffable (unspeakable, sacred) Name Y-H-W-H written on it. It’s a mystery what Moses actually wrote or how he wrote it, but we do know that, the only one at that time to have met God face to face — Moses — was the only one who had the spiritual knowledge to write that Name or those Names on that holy piece of parchment, which was inserted into the high priest’s Breastplate.

This Name or Names inserted into the cleft of the Breastplate was called Urim, from the Hebrew word “light,” because it would cause individual letters of the tribal names on the Breastplate to light up; and this Name was also called Tumim, from the word “completeness,” because if read in the proper order, these luminous letters presented complete and true answers to the questions of national import that the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) would ask of God.

The Urim v’Tumim is not mentioned among the vestments that were made by artisans or contributed by the people (i.e. human hands). “You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ… written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts.” (2 Corinthians 3:2-3, NASB).

A Jewish Sage named Ramban gives an example of how this Urim v’Tumim/ Breastplate process took place. “When the God’s people crossed the Jordan and had to undertake the conquest of the Land, the question arose which tribe should begin the war against the Canaanites. Phinehas the Kohen Gadol entered the Tabernacle and posed the question. The name Judah lit up, and also the letters hey, lamed, ayin, and yood. The Kohen had to know what this combination of letters represented, because they could be placed in several orders, thus forming different combinations of words. A Divine spirit gave him the wisdom to know that the message of the Urim v’Tumim was “The tribe of Judah shall go forth [to wage war]” (See Judges 1:1-2).

Another Jewish Sage Vilna Gaon gives a classic interpretation of how the message of the Urim v’Tumim could be misunderstood. “When Hannah, the future mother of the prophet Samuel, entered the Tabernacle to pray for a child, the Kohen Gadol Eli saw her unusual demeanor and reckoned her to be a drunkard, rather than a supremely righteous woman (1 Samuel 1:13).” It is believed that Eli consulted the Urim v’Tumim regarding Hannah, and the Hebrew letters hey, dalet, kaf, and shin lit up. Instead of reading them correctly as “a worthy woman,” Eli mistakenly read the letters in the wrong order as “a drunken woman.”

Given the fact that the Hebrew Alef-Bet is the protoplasm of creation. Given the fact that it pre-dated the rest of creation and is the first born of all creation, the letters and their order is vitally important (Please refer to for more information.) The Bible says that we are the letters of Christ written with the Spirit of the living God on tablets of human hearts (1 Corinthians 3:2-3). Christ in us the hope of glory is THE source of all true light and revelation, and He resides in the heart of every believer. He is the one that enlightens a person’s heart with a message from God.

I believe that myself and other believers are on a learning curve where the Lord is teaching us how to wait for Him to impart a complete spirit of revelation and how to remain marinating in His Presence until we receive a complete and true interpretation of what’s on His heart. The piece of parchment with God’s sacred name written on it symbolically represents every believer. Remember that we are the letters of Christ written with the Spirit of the Living God on tablets of human hearts.

When a person accepts the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as their source of salvation, it is like when the Urim v’Tumim (the piece of parchment with the Ineffable Name written on it) was slid into the pouch of the High Priest’s Breastplate. This symbolizes that at the moment when a person is born again, the Spirit of the Living God writes the Word on our hearts and puts a new revelatory spirit within us.

“Put me like a seal over your heart…” (Song of Songs 8:6a) The Urim v’ Tumim was located directly over the Kohen Gadol’s heart, which is a beautiful picture of our Great High Priest, Jesus, placing us directly on His heart in the pocket (cleft) of the Rock as we draw near to that place with Him (Exodus 33:22). It is here where the Light of God illuminates His message (Urim) – within us. It is also here in the midst of His heart that we must remain to receive Y-H-W-H’s spiritual language of revelation (Tumim). THIS IS THE POWER OF HIS WORD. His Divine Will being fully made know. I don’t know about you, but the Lord is still training me in “waiting revelation.”.Just when I think I’ve got it, I find out I don’t. I find that many revelatory messages that the Lord imparts to me seem to start out as “a shapeless chaotic mass” (Genesis 1:2 TLB) – a random word, a vision, whatever. I find that I need to wait and remain in His Presence longer to let the Spirit of God brood over these dark vapors, then, as the next verse (Genesis 1:3) reveals, light and life will appear through His revelatory word to and through me.

When God instituted talking to the nation of Israel through the Urim v’ Tumim, He taped into the raw material of all created things — the spiritual forces caused by His Divine will — as communicated through lit, properly ordered and understood letters illuminated on colorful precious stones representing Israel’s twelve tribes. These lit gemstones are a miniature picture of believers being His precious “living stones” (1 Peter 2:5). When God said “Let Us make man in Our image…” (Gen. 1:26), Yeshua put the protoplasm of the universe, His unchangeable Word, within each one of us. He arranged me as a letter of Christ different than He arranged you, but nonetheless, everyone made “in His image” has God’s immutable nature within him or her.

As a prophetic people, our Great High Priest Yeshua shines through us with the True Light, which enlightens every man. We are “the light of the world!” (Matt 5:14) Just as Yeshua spoke and it was so, may we be a creative sound that resounds with renown — the renown of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I am still working on how to properly articulate these truths. I pray you have captured His message, and that the teaching about the Urim v’Tumim operating as some sort of random “sacred lot” is not correct. The Urim v’Tumim speaks of God’s desire to directly communicate with each one of us — a simple truth that the littlest child can understand. Jesus loves me, wants to hold me and speak to me. “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). Indeed, this is an important aspect of the invisible government of God.

As we eagerly await His coming, Let there be light! “Arise, My people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. All nations will come to your light…” (Isaiah 60:1,3a)

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Originally posted 12-20-13 –

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Snow in Jerusalem before 1948

This deep snow photo was taken in Jerusalem before her independence was won in 1948, and we are now witnessing the greatest snow fall in decades in Jerusalem.

The Holy One of Israel is getting ready to free His people up!!! He’s asking all of us to exchange the worldly red robes of this season for His blood-shot blood-bought robe of righteousness. Can you say freeeeeedommmm?! #Freedom

~ Robin Main


“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool” (Isaiah 1:18 NKJV).



Glory in Darkness

Focus. Can you see a huge book with Hebrew letters swirling off the page, which represents the Living Word? It’s ready to be released according to God’s perfect will. The words swirl into a pathway, like a conveyor belt. It’s a frequency. Now the words uncoil from the spiral, and go out in a straight line that we follow.

We step into the line and take a ride. We become a part of the golden streaming line, identifying with the words. We eat. We dance. We get entangled in the words. Words of Life adhere to us, and we become ONE. We disappear and become ONE with the essence of the Living Word.

We are at peace, but going very fast, as a golden stream piercing the darkness. It’s making a way where there is no way. This is the Lord’s darkness where light goes in front of us with a singleness of vision.

We ascend again to a higher plain, focusing on the treasure of the Living Word. The stream is preparatory dressing.

We shoot through the top of a mountain, and see all of the heavenly creation. We see free-floating fruit. We are fruit – different and unique – coming together as a new fruit, then we separate again. We hear: “A new cluster” (Isa 65:8). We hear: “Taste and see that the fruit is good.” This is eternal, weightless, unlimited and abiding fruit that shall remain. We hear: “Of the increase of His government, there is no end.” In this place, there can be no sin or iniquity. There is freedom and liberty here. This place above human imagination and speculation is a place where one can be easily sustained.

There’s an updraft again. God laughs, as we go higher and higher into the Father. There is no limit to what we can understand and do. We twist and roll together, as we rise.

The golden stream of Living Word moves past us, and we are deposited stationary before two doors that are tall, thin, seamless, and made of a natural substance. The doors have no handles. On the right side are some unusual swirls, like the line (golden stream). The left door looks like a wall.

We sense that behind the doors is a circular rotunda. The doors open inward when we all reach our right hands. We become ONE with a royal cobalt blue essence that has a weighty “kabod” glory inside. We breathe in. There’s a tonality of the reverential fear of the Lord. We receive an impartation of authority, as a test drive.

We see Yeshua (Jesus) with a blue frequency swirling around Him that appears to be a robe for the Judge. The God of All the Earth does what is right. HE is the only Righteous Judge. HE is able to judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Heb 4:12).

We are instructed to read Psalm 19 out loud:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. THEIR LINE IS GONE OUT THROUGH ALL THE EARTH, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath He set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth from the end of the heaven, and His circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is Thy servant warned : and in keeping of them there is great reward. Who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Keep back they servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright , and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:1-14 KJV).

There is no floor in this room. We are not standing on our own. The stream of the Living Word that we were in was holding us in that sweeter than honey spot. This Tabernacle is His authority. We are in the REALM OF GOD’S JUSTICE.

We feel a vibration on the top left portion of our head. There’s a zing… zing… zing… We know that we are in the habitation of righteousness and justice – the essence of His throne and kingdom. We sense that our authority in the Messiah is out of this realm. GOD IS RE-WIRING OUR BRAIN FOR JUSTICE. THIS IS A FOUNDATIONAL COMPASS TO KNOWING WHERE TRUE NORTH – ZION – IS. A square patch, like an upgrade chip, is placed on the left reasoning side of our brain. This upgrade ENABLES GOD’S INTERNAL GOVERNMENT, WHICH IS THE PATHWAY OF THE LIVING WORD. THE LIVING WORD IS THE MIND OF CHRIST. In His mind are thoughts that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and of good repute (Phil 4:8). Our brains need to be royally re-wired to align with His justice.

We see a trap door open in the invisible floor, and many of the “beings” in His Rotunda fall out, but we remain. We are now wrapped in a robe of righteousness, which is the Judge’s own robe. His robe (through His Seven Spirits of God) judges the thoughts and attitudes of our heart. His robe of righteousness and justice allows us to remain, because it’s not our own.

This room is the realm of Psalm 19, which is to be desired more than gold. FROM PSALM 19, HIS KINGDOM WILL ADVANCE. The Kingdom of God on earth will not come forth without the reverential fear of the LORD and the Father’s beyond agape love.


~Corporate One North, 02-22-12, “Line to Judgment Rotunda”

[Sapphire Throne Ministries is the teaching arm of Corporate One North and humbly submits this to you, as unto Him.]

NOTE: Corporate One North (C1N) is made up of four people who focus on being ONE in the Messiah. Our primary core values are: [1] To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matt 6:33). [2] To love God and people (Deut 6:4-5; Mark 12:30-31).

BTW – This visionary third-heaven group encounter of the divine kind is one of the things that the Lord of Love has led us to do. When we feel led by His Spirit, we simply focus on Yeshua and ascend by His Spirit to go wherever He so wills. We report only what we see, hear, and perceive on these divine encounter.


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To Dismiss Christ

Snowball Gate called Moment of Decision (2004) by Cornelia Konrads

What do you do when all you want to do is LOVE; and then, HE calls you to speak against something adored by most of God’s people? It may not appear to be love to many people, but we know because HE is so good, it is. It is a beautiful thing to speak the truth in love. It’s a glorious thing to see the areas in one’s life that will keep us from being without spot or wrinkle.

This post is all about a snare for most Christians in their becoming a part of His pure & spotless Bride. Please open your heart to what the Lord of Love is saying to you personally, as I share the burden He has placed on my heart:

Ever have a day when the crucifixion of your flesh seems more pronounced? Today is such a day for me. I have read the past several days about the various meanings given to the name “Christmas” and I weep. Does the meaning of the name “Christmas” communicate the worship of Christ? Or does it mean an anointed celebration? Or does it mean something else?

No matter how we’d like to spin it, here’s what history tells us about the name CHRISTMAS (BTW – This is part of the BI-POLAR NATURE OF CHRISTMAS article –

Dr. Neil Chadwick shines a glaring light on this subject in his “Christmas Glossary” sermon, which used to reside at, but is now no longer available. Luckily, I saved the sermon on December 31, 2005 at 9:38 AM. Here are Dr. Chadwick’s comments about a dominant word in his Christmas glossary, the very word used to identify this holiday, “Christmas”:

“Obviously, the first part of the word refers to the fact that Christmas commemorates the coming of the Messiah to this world. “Christos” is Greek for the word “anointed” which in turn is “Messiah” in Hebrew. …

The second syllable in the word “Christmas” has a long history going all the way back to St. Ambrose who lived between 339 and 397. As bishop of Milan, Ambrose first used “missa” as a term for the “Lord’s Supper” and by the end of the 6th century this term was almost exclusively used. The word came from the Greek word, “mitere”, which means “to send or dismiss.” In the in early days of the church, the “eucharistic” service was divided into two parts – those receiving instruction (catechumens) were allowed to be there during the first part, but only the faithful (those who had been baptized) could remain for the second part. Thus there were two dismissals pronounced by use of the Latin words “Ite misse est” (“Go, you are dismissed.”) So “missa” came to refer to the dismissal.

Later, when the service became connected so that there was no mid-way dismissal, the entire service was called “missa.” In Old English, that came across as “maesse,” and in Middle English it was called either “messe” or “masse.” Thus, and we may say that this is rather sad, the worship gathering became known for the ending pronouncement. It would be calling a basketball game the “Buzzer,” or a theatre play, the “Curtain.” One wonders if the service had become so dull that the most exciting part was the dismissal!”

Am I the only one that got alarmed when I read this?! The root meaning behind the word “mass” signifies “you are dismissed” or “the dismissal.” Are you kidding me?! At its root the word “Christmas” means “Christ’s dismissal” or “Christ, you are dismissed.” Sounds crazy. Doesn’t it?! A true investigative journalist would simply denote this without prejudice in order to ferret out the truth. If there’s no supporting evidence, he’d throw out the madness.

Unfortunately, for us Christians, that’s not the case. When we read Ezekiel 8 with the understanding that Christmas Day’s immediate predecessor was the Mithra’s Winter Festival – the Nativity of the Unconquered Sun – we have to note two things. In Ezekiel 8:6, God’s talking to Ezekiel and says, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing … things that will drive Me far from My sanctuary?” Then the Lord speaks of four idolatrous practices that He has listed in increasingly detestable order in His sight. Check out Ezekiel 8:3-5; Ezekiel 8:9-12; Ezekiel 8:14 and finally Ezekiel 8:16. The fourth and most detestable practice God describes to Ezekiel in verse 16 that drives him from His sanctuary – Christ’s dismissal – is the sun god worship immortalize in the roots of Christmas Day. The pagans would have recognized their own solar cults in the church’s practice of orienting their cathedrals to the east, worshiping on “Sun Day,” and celebrating the birth of the deity at the Winter Solstice.

It had become common practice in the fifth century for worshipers entering St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to turn at the door, put their backs to God’s altar, and bow down to worship the rising sun.

“Then He brought me into the inner court of the LORD’s house. And behold, at the entrance to the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs to the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east; and they were prostrating themselves eastward toward the sun.” (Ezekiel 8:16 NASB)

We can declare “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas” and scream “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” all we want (I know I did), but in this Kingdom Day things are beginning to return to their primordial state. The Lord Himself has told me for several years now: “I am taking Myself out of Christmas.” Please keep this in mind when you see darker things happening at this time of the year, and you find that it is more and more difficult to keep Christmas.

I pray that the eyes of all of our hearts will be enlightened with His Way, His Truth, and His Life

For more information on how Christmas keeps the Lord’s dwelling presence of God at bay, please refer to

~ Robin Main


Snowball Gate is called the “Moment of Decision” by Cornelia Konrads


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