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Enjoy this creative & revelatory way of learning the Hebrew Alef-bet!

It’s creatively educational!!! 

Each flash card is 4” x 5” in size. There’s 22 HLL Flash Cards included – one for every letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Divine artwork is on the front of the flash card with a short and deep Spirit-led teaching on the back. They are wrapped to delight with a key to unlock.

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Also, when you order the Hebrew Living Letters teaching videos on our RESOURCES page, you will enter into the time of enlightenment when each of the Hebrew Living Letter artwork on the flash cards was originally created, as a deeply revelatory prophetic teaching flowed by the Spirit & the Word. The first three HLL teaching videos are available for free here => http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/media.html while the rest of them are available here => http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html.

Blessings from ALEF to TAV!

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main


PHOTO: Courtesy of Justin Paul Abraham



There is life in the Hebrew Living Letters. There’s an exchange of love within. Behold, the Hebrew Living Letters are the elemental material of the Word of God in creation. Behold, the Hebrew Living Letters spiral into the DNA of Creation, which is the protoplasm of the universe. The Father’s Love is the spiritual foundation of the earth. It is this heavenly love that holds it all together in Christ. Step into the middle of His Hebrew Living Letters DNA Strand where His love is transformative. Intertwine with the burning heart of love in Hebrew Living Letters.

~ Robin Main

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ART by Robin Main created during the third Mystic Mentoring Artist Ascension => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCmLbSFMkE0



The first line in Scripture says in Hebrew “In the beginning God created alef-tav, the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). Additionally, Psalm 24:2 tells us that our physical world has been founded on the waters. Just as the physical realm has been founded on the waters, so is the spiritual realm founded on the Father’s love. When we consider that the protoplasm of the multi-verse – the Word made up of the essence of Hebrew Living Letters – is connected to the waters on this earth, we receive a crucial key to the restoration of all things.

The restoration of all things includes you and me. Remember that people “start out life being 99 percent water, as fetuses. When we are born, we are 90 percent water, and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70 percent. If we die of old age, we will probably be about 50 percent water. In other words, throughout our lives we exist mostly as water. From a physical perspective, humans are water” (The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto).

Let His perfectly pure love, light and life re-sequence your waters as it was in the beginning. Let the 22 Hebrew Living Letters from alef to tav resonate in you as originally created. Father, we pray that the physical waters in Your people’s bodies get reset to being made whole in Christ (the Messiah). Father, we ask that You supernaturally and naturally sustain and cleanse the water of all those whose hearts are Yours.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main


Artist Unknown



The Cherubim hold the key of the flaming sword, which turns every which way, piercing to the division of the soul and spirit… discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. This is the way to the Tree of Life. This is the way back to Eden and beyond. This is the way to taking on your cherubic nature, as it was in the beginning before The Fall – divine.

• “So the LORD God drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden CHERUBIM, and a FLAMING SWORD WHICH TURNED EVERY WAY, TO GUARD THE PATH TO THE TREE OF LIFE” (Genesis 3:24 Aramaic).

• “For the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the point of division between soul and spirit, and between the joints and marrow and bones, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12 Aramaic).

• “Then God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:26a, 27 Aramaic).

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main

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Let’s celebrate the completely perfect light God created in the beginning, which is the foundational essence of all God-given light in the cosmos.

“Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness” (Genesis 1:3-4 NKJV).

“Let there be light” is the first declaration of God’s will in Scripture, but He could not have spoke His will without first creating a language to communicate His thoughts. The human need to formulate our thoughts into language emulates how the Lord spoke in the beginning. Before God spoke the universe into existence, He first created the language to speak forth His will. “Thou art worthy, O our Holy Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for Thou hast create all things, and by Thy will they are and were created” (Revelation 4:11).

A fundamental concept for Jewish mystics is that the letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet were created first out of nothing but God’s desire – His divine will. They say, “By use of the letters, the Holy One, Blessed is He, created all the worlds.”

On this fifth day of Hanukkah, let the fifth letter of the Hebrew Living Letters – hei – speak. Behold, the Hebrew Living Letters are the building blocks for all of creation, and they are connected to “let there be light.” They are the essence of all light and life.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). The Word is made up of letters. “In the beginning God created alef-tav…” (Genesis 1:1) The letters — these individual spiritual forces – inherent in Christ were birthed from His essential, intrinsic essence, which was originally included wholly in the Word. The first born of all creation is the very thing that constitutes every living substance. It is the protoplasm of the universe. It is the individual spiritual forces that originally belonged, and still belong, to the nature of Christ. The first born of all creation is the letters of the Word – the Hebrew Living Letters from alef-tav.

The spiritual realm, where the Almighty dwells, is composed of perfection – pure thoughts and concepts – not needing to be clothed in words and letters. When Yeshua created the Hebrew Alef-Bet (i.e. the Hebrew Living Letters), He ordered spiritual forces of creation through its twenty-two sacred letters before there was even one other act of creation. The existence of everything created from people to pebbles depends upon the spiritual content with which it was created. By uttering the famous “Let there be…” words, the Word Yeshua created all of what can be classified as Creation.

Like some sort of excellent, exalted scientist, Yeshua spoke the perfect blend of spiritual forces that produces light (Genesis 1:3), produces heaven and all its fullness (Genesis 1:6), produces vegetation yielding seed (Genesis 1:11), and so on ad infinitum. With the words, “Let there be…” creation came into existence in a time-space continuum at that primeval instant. The words that brought creation into being remain within in them and with us every instant. He “upholds all things by the word of His power” (Hebrews 1:3). Everything continues to exist because not an instant goes by without God continuing to say, in effect, “Let there be…” in the sense that the Divine will of the original six days remain in force.

Give em heaven!!!
~ Robin Main

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Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main

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ART: BET – The Beginning of Creation (with watermark) by Robin Main



Hebrew mysticism tells a story about the Mystery of the Hebrew Alphabet where before the creation of the world the Hebrew Living Letters were concealed. They were solely the delight of the Most High God. The story goes on that when the Divine Being willed to created the world, all the Hebrew Living Letters ascended and appeared before His Presence in their reverse order.

For instance, TAV ascended first, and made its case: “Lord of the Universe! Let it please Thee to create the world by me, as I am the final letter of the word “emeth” (truth), which is engraved on Thy signet ring. You Yourself are called Emeth, and therefore, it will become Thee, the Great King to begin and create the world by me.’ The Holy One (Blessed is He) responded: ‘Thou, Oh, Tav, are indeed worthy, but I cannot create the world by thee; for you are destined to be not only the characteristic emblem borne by faithful students of the Law – from beginning to the end – but also the associate of Maveth (death), of which you are the final letter, Therefore, the creation of the world cannot (must not) be through you.’

Then after TAV, SHIN ascended and said: ‘ I pray thee, Lord of the Universe, as bearing Thy Great Name “Shaddai” (Almighty), to create the world by me, by the holy name that becomes Thee only.’ The Holy One responded: ‘You are truly, Oh, Shin, worthy, pure and true; but letters that go to for lying and falsehood will associate themselves with you, and you will make up SheQeR (a lie), falsehood, in order that it may be received and credited, but you come first with the appearance of truth (Sh), which is the reason I will not create the world by thee,’ So Shin departed.

All the Hebrew Living Letters repeatedly go up before YHVH and make their case. I will share the rest of the story either tomorrow or the next day. Just know that when BET (“B”) came, and made its case, it reportedly said: ‘Create the world by me, because I am the initial letter of beracha (blessing) and through me all will bless Thee, both in the world above as in the world below.’

God choose BET to begin to create the world, as it is written: “Be-rei-shit ba-ra E-lo-him et ha-sha-ma-yim ve-at ha-a-retz” (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

~ Robin Main

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