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KINGDOM MINISTRY that equips the saints, so that we may all can come into the measure of the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13), where we move & live & have our being in HIM (Acts 17:28). ULTIMATE DESIRE is that everyone would be rooted & grounded in love (Eph 3:17), so they may truly know the height, width, breadth & width of the Father's love (Eph 3:18), which would result not only in the highest form of love for God, but glorious love for one another. MISSION is to enlighten the nations by venturing to educate and restore the sons of the Living God. CALL is a clarion one to the pure & spotless Bride who will indeed be without spot or wrinkle. Check out SAPPHIRE THRONE MINISTRIES other website: www.santa-tizing.com, other facebook page: http://facebook.com/santatizing, other Twitter account: @SANTATIZING, and other Wordpress blog: www.santatizing.wordpress.com. HINT: It has to do with a vital missing ingredient when it comes to the dwelling place of the King -- The New Jerusalem -- the Bride, the Lamb's wife. She can't be pure & spotless without dealing with this pervasive issue due to it's practices literally coming out of Babylon.


eclipse - wedding ring
There’s much ado about the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. What classifies as a total eclipse of the sun is when the moon covers the entire disk of the sun. If a solar eclipse is total at any point on earth, it is called a total solar eclipse; hence, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 that will cross over the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.

Let’s zero in on something discovered by Chrisify from Florida. There are seven cities called Salem in the path of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse: Salem, Oregon; Salem, Idaho; Salem, WY; Salem, NE; Salem, MO; Salem, KY; and Salem, SC. Not only are there seven cities named Salem in the path of the Great American; but when the eclipse begins in Salem, Oregon, the sun sets in Jerusalem at the exact same time. What’s even more mind-blowing is that this eclipse exits the United States of America at the Isle of Palms in South Carolina, and South Carolina’s flag has a palm tree on it as well as what appears to be a solar eclipse. Highly recommend reading Chrisify’s blog and comments =>http://blog.chrisify.com/2017/08/the-seven-salems-of-eclipse-coincidence.html.

So… we have Seven Salems. Seven is the number of perfection or the number for the Plan of God. The seventh letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet is “zayin.” Zayin represents many things, including the numerical value of 7. Let’s focus on two other significant aspects of “zayin.” First, please note that “zayin” represents the crowned man. Second, know that the pictograph of “zayin” looks like a sword, and can be rightly understood to rightly divide or cut up time (z-man) into units of seven:

• Shabbat – the 7th day of the week (the week of days)
• Shavuot – the 49th day after Passover (the week of weeks).
• Tishri – the 7th month on the Hebrew Calendar (the week of months)
• Shemitah – the 7th year of rest for the land (the week of years)
• Yovel – the 49th year (the weeks of weeks of years)
• Millennial Kingdom – the 7th millennium since the creation of Adam (the week of thousands)

We are currently in the Hebrew Year of 5777, which is the grace of three “7s.” 7 + 7 + 7 = 21. Seven represents the perfection of God’s Plan while three symbolizes completion; therefore, we understand that we are in the perfect completion of time. Significantly, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse is on August 21, 2017 where there’s another three 7s in 21 is 7 x 3 = 21. Additionally, 5777 is the 50th Anniversary of Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem. 5777 not only follows a Shemitah Year, but a Biblical Jubilee Year. Add this to the sun going down in Jerusalem at the exact same time as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse begins in Salem, Oregon, and we get an awe-inspiring picture.

Now add to this that Biblically-speaking Salem is short for Jerusalem and Melchizedek is called King of Salem to get some really heavy revy. In the Unlocking Melchizedek #2 – King of Salem and MEL GEL #2 – Shekinah Sabbath teachings, I go into many aspects of the King of Salem (i.e., Peace). The title King of Salem can also mean Perfect King where a king rules perfectly according to the dictates of YHVH’s heart.

Melchizedek, as the King of Peace, symbolizes Shekinah. Shekinah is the dwelling presence of God. When this is combined with Psalm 76:2 “- In Salem also is His Tabernacle, and His Dwelling Place in Zion,” we get that Shekinah is in Salem.

Christian mystics (i.e. lovers of the Most High God) reveal that Shekinah is not found among sinners, and it’s a divine rainbow that radiates colors in two directions (heaven and earth). This hints to a higher reality where those made after the Order of Melchizedek are eventually made completely perfect (fully mature) into the exact same image as Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ). These are the ones that press on toward the high calling of God in Christ. These kings and priests of the Order of the Melchizedek will lead their own inner fire bride forth in its fullness to be completely and perfectly one with its High Priest – Yeshua. They will perfectly resonate His Divine Rainbow (Seven Spirits of God), His sound waves, His frequencies, His vibrations, His energies, His character, His Shekinah Glory…

Behold, in this Kingdom Day is the perfect completion of time for the First Fruits of the Bride of Christ who is the crowned man. Please understand that Shekinah is a feminine essence, and so is the four living creatures in human form in Ezekiel 1. In Hebrew, Ezekiel 1:20 speaks of HER essence, which is the spirit of the New Living Creature, in the wheels.

I can go on and on, and I do to a degree in the materials below. Please allow me to leave you with the thought that the Hebrews equate Shekinah to the Sabbath Bride. Spiritually-speaking, when God returns to Jerusalem, He remarries Israel (Is-real). 5777 is the Jubilee for the reunification of Jerusalem and it’s time for the first fruits of the perfect completion of Shekinah Sabbath Bride to manifest.

One of the unique sights of a Total Solar Eclipse is the Diamond Ring Effect, which can be seen 10-15 seconds before and after totality. It’s a single jewel of light from the sun. “Come, I will show you The Bride, the wife of the Lamb” (Revelation 21:9b). “I am my Beloved’s, and His desire is for me. Come my Beloved, let us go into the open…” (Song of Solomon 7:11).

~ Robin Main




• UNLOCKING MELCHIZEDEK #2 – KING OF SALEM video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkipeFOCQr4

• MEL GEL #2 – SHEKINAH SABBATH video => Can be purchased at http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html

• MEL GEL #3 – SABBATH SACRIFCES & ABSOLUTE REST video => Can be purchased athttp://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html

• MEL GEL #4 – SEVEN CHIEF PRINCES OF HIGHEST PRAISE video => Can be purchased athttp://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html

• MEL GEL #7 – 144000 Firstfruits video => Can be purchased at http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html

• MEL GEL Study Guide book =>https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188538/

• HEBREW LIVING LETTER – ZAYIN teaching video => Can be purchased at http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/resources.html

• MELCHIZEDEK ARISING 1 – APPEARANCE, TIME & FIRST MINISTRY =>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5i6nAIvGjM

• MELCHIZEDEK ARISING – 2 – FORMATION OF NEW LIVING CREATURE =>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BElDZaaFqo

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• UNLOCKING MELCHIZEDEK #4 – ORDER IN THE ORDER => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WQMxIv4tDQ

• UNLOCKING MELCHIZEDEK #5 – ORDER OF PERFECTION => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZNAQFrC_8w



Door Cosmic

There are places we can go in the Spirit corporately that we cannot go individually. The One New Man in Christ, the Order of Melchizedek and the Bride of Christ are all corporate entities. The Scriptural term that designates a corporate portal is “The Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.” Join us as we explore the first occurrence of “The Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation” in Scripture, which sets a precedence for Group Ascension in Christ => https://youtu.be/zXPrXFCls5k. You might want to crack open your Ascension Manual to Chapter 7 – Corporate Ascension p. 63-65 with this one.

Give em heaven!!!
~ Robin Main

Ascension in Christ: www.mysticmentoring.com
Kingdom Teaching: www.sapphirethroneministries.com


ASCENSION MANUAL => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188511

Here’s one of the MM Group Ascension mentioned in this teaching:  MAJESTIC LIONS #3 => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEkv-vv913w

Here’s the other ARTIST’S ASCENSION #8 => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD2MOlXvN_E



Cube - Heather+and+Ivan+Morison-workbook9-23
Wooo Hooo!!!! Breaking the fun barriers!!! You’re invited to join the Sapphire Throne Joy in our next Online Interactive Class called “MEL GEL #11 – A Tale of Three Cubes.”

DATE: August 31, 2017 (Thursday)

TIME: 5:00-8:00 PM MST

COST: $15.53 per person payable through PayPal to sapphirethroneministries@gmail.com.

MATERIALS NEEDED: The “Place of Sapphires” and “MEL GEL Study Guide” books (available through the STM RESOURCES page or Amazon), Bible, Pencil, Paper, and Communion elements.

TOPIC: Learn about ​three cubes whose colors are black, blue and gold. The Black Cube is about the demonic control of spacetime. The Sapphire Blue Cube is about Yeshua being the essence of the Word of God, and the crystal-clear golden cube is about the (hyper)cube of the New Jerusalem.

NOTE: Recording will be available for purchase individually, or as a part of a package after the class is finished. Also, everyone who registers for the class will receive the recording free-of-charge.

REGISTER at http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/events.html

 ~ Robin Main
PHOTO: Three cubes colliding – 3D Printed Kite by Heather and Ivan Morison


cake fireworks
The three-ring circus of the world is about to experience a love convergence of heaven and earth. Yeshua (Jesus) is singing over the one’s He loves. Yeshua is imparting the reality of how much He loves us. Love… love… love… will be our reality. We will be love, as He is love, by letting Yeshua do it through us. Come into His House of Wine. Receive His breath of life, as you are smothered with the kisses of His mouth. Will you receive Him and all that He has for you? Behold, a convergence… a meeting… of our Heavenly Bridegroom and His Beloved Bride. For God so loved the world that He desires that we would love the world, like He does. You can have your wedding cake and eat it too. Take the key to His heart, and set it as a seal on your heart.

“Who is this that comes up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? …. Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm” (Song of Solomon 8:5-6).

~ Robin Main

Glimpse into the Dove’s Eyes Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) Group Ascension on August 9, 2017. Please join us in this wedded bliss =>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDDth6s_wUs&feature=youtu.be 



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In this Kingdom Day, it’s time to repent from the two-headed way of life to get on the one-hearted path. Behold, it’s time for the One New Man in the Messiah made after the Order of Melchizedek to be one heart, one spirit, one voice and one blood in Christ in order to preserve the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace. Strength will come to the sons of the Living God by His oneness.

“Complete my joy by being in one accord and one love and one soul and one mind” (Philippians 2:2 Lamsa’s Aramaic).

“With all humility and gentleness and with patience, forbearing one another in love, endeavoring to preserve the harmony of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3 Lamsa’s Aramaic).

~ Robin Main



Joy Jumpers Sunset

Have you ever noticed that Ephesians 2:6 says “raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” Heavy on the concept of “together.” It’s one of the best Scriptures that depicts Group Ascension.

My anointed Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th Edition) tells us that the term “together” means: in or into one place, collection or group : in a body : as a group : in or into contact for connection or union : in or into relationship : at one time : simultaneously : by combined action : jointly : in or into agreement or harmony : in or into a unified or coherent structure or an integrated whole : with each other : as a unit : considered as a whole.

To ascend corporately in Christ, it’s like a dance with the Lord and others. My mentor – Nancy Coen – has taught many that there are places in the spirit that we can go corporately that we can’t go to individually. The One New Man in Christ, the Order of Melchizedek and the Bride of Christ are all corporate entities. The Scriptural phrase that speaks of this is “The Door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.” Soon, we will begin to explore its profound mysteries.

For now, I’d simply like to leave you with the thought about how important it is to have a someone be the point person for Group Ascensions in Christ. There is more than one way to make this happen. We at the Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) Tribe – the MM Tribe – use an Arc of Facilitators model made up of a lead facilitator and a backup facilitator. The Biblical model for this is God speaking to man (i.e., Moses) between the two cherubs over the golden cover of the Ark of the Covenant.

The MM Lead Facilitator acts as a heavenly tour guide assisting the Holy Spirit in giving people an ascension ride “in Christ” according to the Father’s perfect will. They help make it as easy as possible for a group of people to meet corporately with Almighty God face-to-face in any capacity that He chooses. MM Backup Facilitators are the official scribes for MM Group Ascensions. They assist the Lead Facilitator in any way that is necessary. Both MM Facilitators are catalysts for a group of people coming together to commune with God and co-labor with Christ as well as servants of the Most High God.

All of the MM Facilitators are fully trained during a 3-4 months intensive before leading MM Group Ascensions. Then they are required to internship with the MM Tribe for one full-year afterwards. We have found that it takes this long for our MM Group Ascension Facilitators to be fully proficient. If you run into anyone who says that they have been trained by me or the MM Tribe, ask them if they have officially graduated from the MM Facilitation Training Course and have mentored others under the MM Tribe’s tutelage. If they say “No. I have only learned from their videos or learned from attending the MM Group Ascensions;” then know that they are not officially trained MM Facilitators. We want everyone to learn from our videos and attending our group ascensions, but being an excellent facilitator for the Lord’s Group Ascensions is much harder than it looks. We are currently in the midst of our final MM Facilitation Training Course for 2017. The next one will begin toward the beginning of 2018. If you are interested in getting on the application list for the next MM Facilitation Training Course, please email MMGrpAscensions@gmail.com.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main


Check out the “Corporate Ascension” chapter in the Ascension Manual => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188511 


Originally published on August 9, 2017 via Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/SapphireThroneMinistries/photos/a.436008649804968.101323.436004819805351/1636620416410446/?type=3&theater



Crown Cowgirls

Christ’s Baptism of Fire was His crucifixion (Matt 3:11). We are called to be like Him. Becoming a daily burnt offering, where we voluntarily offer our Kingdom of Self to be burnt up in its entirety (as a pleasing fragrance to the LORD) literally allows the kingdoms of your earth to become the kingdoms of our God (Rev 11:15).

~ Robin Main

Originally published on August 8, 2017 via facebook => https://www.facebook.com/SapphireThroneMinistries/photos/a.436008649804968.101323.436004819805351/1635482916524196/?type=3&theater