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Yesterday, I shared that geometric shapes, frequencies, the Blood of the Lamb and the Hebrew Living Letters are foundational to all creation in Christ => Even though these various aspects of creation may be mysterious to believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), we are called to search them out as kings and priests being made after the Order of Melchizedek: “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2 KJV).

I personally love to study, meditate upon and engage the Hebrew Living Letters, especially during the Season of Repentance. The Hebrew word “teshuvah” means to return or to repent. The Biblical Season of Repentance begins with the first day of the month of Elul and continues for forty days, ending on Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) the tenth day of Tishri. Please refer to:



The final ten-day period beginning on Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets – Leviticus 23:23-25) and ending on Yom Kippur (Leviticus 23:27-32) are known as the High Holy Days, the Awesome Days or the Days of Awe (Yamin Nora‘im). Five days after Yom Kippur is Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles).

In honor of His glorious season, Sapphire Throne Ministries is offering a special on our Hebrew Living Letter Flash Cards, which were originally created during the Season of Repentance. If you buy one set of HLL Flash Cards, you will receive two additional Hebrew Living Letter Teaching Video for free. Simply email your choice of two free videos, or we can select two by the Spirit for you. Additionally, everyone who purchases from the STM HLL Collection will be entered into the drawing to win the fine art giclee prints for both the letters Alef and Tav. Winner will be announced October 22, 2019 (the day after the Sukkot celebration ends).

To order => =>

So… check out this creatively educational way to revelatory study the Hebrew Living Letters. Each set of HLL Flash Cards are wrapped to delight with a key to unlock their mysteries. We also pray that the Lord’s spirit of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and revelation accompany each set, which comes with 22 separate flash cards from ALEF to TAV. Size 4″ x 5″.

NOTE: When you also order the Hebrew Living Letters audio/visual teachings on our RESOURCES page (, you enter into the time of enlightenment when each of the Hebrew Living Letter artwork on the flash cards was originally created, as a deeply revelatory prophetic teaching flowed by the Spirit and the Word at the same time.

ALSO NOTE: International postage rates (outside the U.S.) are not included. If you live outside the USA and would like to order the HLL Flash Cards, please email with your request (including your mailing address) and we will get you a price that you can directly deposit in the PayPal account.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main

• Ascension Manual book =>

• Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book =>

• MEL GEL Study Guide book =>

• MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

• Set of Hebrew Living Letter Flash Cards =>

• Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah: Bridal Restoration of DNA book =>

• SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book => was written to fulfill a vow made to Yeshua’s face to tell the Christian Church that “Christmas will be the Golden Calf of America.” It took 10 years of full-time research, a golden scribe angel and the Spirit’s leading to unearthing His Truth in the sands of time. It covers every argument that you have ever heard about Christmas.



  1. Good morning Robin,

    Trust that you are doing good. I have bought your Ascension manual and are so blessed by it.

    I am so hungry and have take a look of the book with the 8 Books in it. Which books are in this Volume?

    How is your son doing?

    May you have an awesome day.

    Annelien Surmon

    South Africa.

    On Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 17:25 sapphirethroneministries wrote:

    > SapphireThroneMinistries posted: ” Yesterday, I shared that geometric > shapes, frequencies, the Blood of the Lamb and the Hebrew Living Letters > are foundational to all creation in Christ => >” > >

    • Hi Annelien,

      So glad that you enjoyed the Ascension Manual. The 8 books in “Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series” are
      [1] Melchizedek’s Time, Appearance & First Ministry,
      [2] Practical Keys to Unlocking Melchizedek,
      [3] Taking on Common Union,
      [4] Hitting the Bull’s Eye of Righteousness,
      [5] Formation of the New Living Creature,
      [6] Window into the Wheels Within Wheels,
      [7] Place of Sapphires, and
      [8] Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah.

      You can see them on our Resources page=> Also, if you click on the book images, it will take you to amazon where there’s a description for each book.

      Give em heaven!

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