Trump at 3-5 Tong on the island of Lewis Photograph by Murdo MacLeod

CORRECTION dated 08-21-2018: It has come to the attention of Sapphire Throne Ministries (STM) that the following post appears to be incorrect. Even though STM received revelation that President Donald J. Trump has some type of connection to John Knox, it appears that it is not what was posted below 

Kathy Walters corrected this post by sharing the message: “I have written a book on Hebrides revival. Eye witness accounts which I got myself from the people. Donald Macphail, the young 17 year old, that God powerfully used in prayer, became a friend of mine. No one there thinks that the Smith smiths sisters were Donald Trumps aunts. The top historian of the Hebrides revival says there was not a connection between them. There are about 10,000 smiths registered in Hebrides. I have searched and searched and asked all the people and histories they all say “no very highly unlikely.” I think someone saw the name “smith”. And adopted the smith sisters into Donald family.  I don’t think you should include that, because the info is not correct.  There are no first names that match with sister and Donald relatives. Black, Smith, Macleod, Macphail, MacDonald etc  are huge Clans.”

Thank you
Kathie Walters (www.kathiewaltersministry.com)

We appreciate Kathie Walters correction and publicly apologize for getting this wrong. Please forgive and pass the word! We have added Kathie’s correction to the beginning of this post. Please pass the message. We appreciate great grace in this process of becoming just like Messiah Yeshua.

Robin Main



Did you know that President Donald J. Trump has two great aunts that prayed the Hebrides Revival down from heaven between 1949 and 1952? The Hebrides Islands are off the west coast of Scotland.

In the late 1940s, there were two elderly sisters that were too frail to attend public services – 84-year-old Peggy Smith was blind and 82-year-old Christine Smith was almost bent over double from arthritis. Their humble Scottish cottage on the isle of Lewis in the small fishing village of Barvas became their sanctuary where they petitioned God day and night for a promise given to them “I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground.”

One night, Peggy received a revelation that revival was coming and the church of their fathers would be crowded again with young people. Peggy sent for Reverend James Murray MacKay to tell him to call the elders and deacons to wait upon God.

Mary Anne Smith MacLeod was the niece of the two intercessors of the Hebrides Revival – as well as cousin to Donald Smith who was a 15-year-old convert at that revival and Duncan Campbell’s outstanding helper. Mary Anne immigrated to the United States of America in 1930 and married Frederick Trump. They met at a dance where they fell in love. After they married in January 1936, they quickly began their family: Mary Ann Trump Barry, a United States Federal Judge (born 1937), Frederick Jr. (1938-1981), Elizabeth (born 1942), Donald, 45th president of the United States (1946), and Robert (1948).

There is devotion and a spiritual well of revival in President Trump’s bloodline. Let us petition that God unstop these wells in his life that will then overflow to the nation and even the world. The Hebrides Revival was so overwhelming that it was a game changer. Did you know that it even stopped crime due to people being convicted of doing evil things?

Revive U.S. (us) O’ Lord! Pour out water on us who are thirsty and floods on the dry ground. Saturate the dry ground. Pour out Your Spirit on all men and especial blessings on the youth (Isaiah 44:3).

~ Robin Main





• https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=db9EgMYWTKY

PHOTO: Trump stands outside his late mother’s house at 3-5 Tong on the island of Lewis behind is one of his maternal cousins. Photograph by Murdo MacLeod.


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    • Yes, he is God’s man for such a time as this for our country. God answered the prayers of His people for this man to be our President and He is the man God has put in place to lead and guide our country to a better state of being.

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  2. Simply a week before the presidential elections, I heard the spirit of the Lord tell me that Donald Trump is “My anointed son.” I knew in that moment he would be president and was chosen for such a great task. The enemy of our is still trying to break Donald Trump’s reputation down so that we don’t pray and stand behind our elected leader. The enemy wants riotous actions to be taken. We know he’s not a perfect man. I also know that God is well pleased and him and the Lord is speaking through Donald Trump to our nation and I believe Donald Trump hears and understands the Holy Spirit. He and Mike Pence make a powerful team. Please pray for our president and vice president and all those who make laws and legislation. That is our responsibility. Blessings come to us when we reach out to God and try our best. Joni Jones

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I have been trying to learn more of Donald Trump’s generational line. His generational line, if more people study it, I believe paid a price for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also believe him to be the man God has positioned at this time to prepare a way for the Lord as he prepares to come again. He must be doing something good if he has such unprecedented opposition and hatred against him. May God bless him.

  4. As a child, I lived in Scotland in my Mother’s home down the road at 24 Back…by the way, to the best of my knowledge, . . Mary Macleod and Frederic Trump were married in Stornoway Scotland, then returned to NYC….its possible that my Mother, Christina Macleod, attended the same school and church with Mary MacLeod. I lived at 24 Back from 1931 to 1935. Unfortunately, I can’t recall ever meeting Mary Macleod, but it is possible that I must have roamed down the road to her home. Indeed, a small, small World. Since the President’s Mother was a MacLeod, the President is also an Honored member of the MacLeod Clan…and possibly…my cousin!!!! To further confuse the issue, my twin Sister was with me in Scotland…and her name was…Mary MacLeod!!!

  5. Good morning

    My understanding is that this is not factually correct. There was no connection between the two families.

    I would be interested if you could cite some primary sources to substantiate the claim.



  6. I appreciate that you added a qualifier to this blog, reporting that in fact, there really IS no confirmed link, as first claimed. Thank you. However, you have left up the original blog in its entirety, following the correction, yes? You do realise that the original is still ‘doing the rounds’ across social media? Why not just post the correction and leave it at that? I’m puzzled.

      • Oops! I accidentally deleted your comment @grammatteus. Thought I was only deleting my comment. Let me re-post what you said with my response:

        @grammatteus wrote: “Yes, I can see that makes sense. You can’t be responsible for those who continue to post myths, and even edit your blog to leave out the qualifier. Yes, I have come across a fair bit of selective posting by members of the Religious Right. It’s shocking how much is deliberate misdirection. Usually they just block me for calling them out. Sad indeed. I’d even say it’s evil. Shalom.”

        My response: I do my best to be humble and teachable, which requires recognition and correction of one’s mistakes. I pray that those who say that they are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) would realize what spirit they are of if they do as you say: post myths, deliberately mislead, etc. Shalom.

  7. I have seen the post on social media. Is the only correction the fact that the Smith sisters cannot be confirmed as Donald Trump’s Aunts?

  8. Who started this in the first place? If where his mother lives was that small I would think during those times everyone would know who lived there. But just to intentionally print something that is totally untruthful down to saying that Bible is in the Oval office is ridiculous. It’s just like the half truths the news media give us. They just tell us what part of an interview they want us to hear. Leaving out one key word can totally change a story.

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