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There is a missing ingredient for many believers these days. Mixture grieves God’s Heart, and He is NOT going to redeem anything whose origins are demonic or evil. The redemption of demonic and evil things is them being judged, no longer existing, and us returning to our pristine primordial state that resonates at the same frequency as the Word of God.

Halloween is a work of darkness. Being one of the highest demonic celebration days of the year, it is about worship, which by the way will affect a person’s eternal reward (one way or the other). “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Ephesians 5:11).

I believe that churches hosting “Harvest Festivals “on Halloween (or in lieu of Halloween) re-enforce the institutions of evil being celebrated in our children. Anton LeVay, the founder of the Church of Satan, says about Halloween: “I’m glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year.” I have personally seen where these Christian Fall Festivals that are set up as alternatives to Halloween, later makes an easy transition for participants to dress up and celebrate this Satanic Holiday when they get older.

Wouldn’t it be better if God’s holy and set apart people celebrated His Fall Festival articulated in His Word? God’s Fall Festival is called Sukkot in Hebrew and is known as The Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacle is among the feasts that the Lord calls “My feasts” in Leviticus 23:2. If you look at the root of the word “feast” in 2 Chronicles 8:13 is the Hebrew word ya-ad. It’s the same word used when Adam intimately knew Eve.

If you further mine the concept of ya’ad, you see that the Biblical Feasts are when God calls His people to a certain place at a specific time in order to be married (i.e., wed, combined, joined as one). Not only would it greatly please the Lord our God if His people celebrates His feasts; but it would eliminate any confusion as well as point everyone to the truth in God’s Word and His Kingdom instead of a demonic celebration. If you are interested, here’s a good article about some roots and fruits of Halloween –

As sons of light and His kingdom, we should all stand up and take authority over all evil and its celebration. We should manifest and celebrate light period … privately and publicly. The purpose of light is to overtake the darkness, not cower in the dark.

Someone asked me: “What about when God places you somewhere, like a job in a store that celebrates Halloween? What do you do then? Do I quit my job? That seems drastic since working there is God’s provision for me.” Here’s my response: “In most any job, there are various challenges. My advice is to hear God in any, and every, situation, then simply obey. God knows and understands that selling Halloween wares is part of your job. It is best for all (including myself), if we embrace great grace, as we come out of agreement with darkness. Know that He might have chosen you to manifest His light in the midst of the darkness. If nothing else, you will be learning to love people where they are at while not coming into agreement with darkness.” That’s a praiseworthy talent that pleases the King of Kings.

NOTE : If you are thinking of replacing the celebration of Halloween with All Saint’s Day, please do your research into its origins. It is no better than Halloween. It is the Day of the Dead. Does Yeshua (Jesus) ever tell us to celebrate death or the dead? We are to join Yeshua on the cross by dying daily to our carnal or sin nature, but that is not a festival. It’s a sacrifice that burns up all that is not like Him. Sacrificial elements are part of Biblical Feasts, but they are never the redemptive point. Freedom, deliverance, resurrection, habitation, atonement, et cetera are.

“But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to DISCERN BOTH GOOD AND EVIL” (Hebrews 5:14 KJV).

“Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9 NKJV).

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness! (Isaiah 5:20 NASB).

~ Robin Main

Written October 19, 2014 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.

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