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The ORDER in the “Order of Melchizedek” shares the same root as the word “desert.” Davar (דּבר) means “word.” (Please refer below.)

When we take a peek at the Ancient Hebrew Word Picture for ORDER, we hear an ancient call: “Come! Let’s see the most important path for God’s family. The ancient ORDER in the “Order of Melchizedek” reveals the WORD who is the House Ruler who sets the House Rules for the highest way of life for a person.”

~ Robin Main

Originally published May 22, 2014 via FB =>


“The Hebrew word midbar (“desert”) shares the same root as davar (דּבר) which means “word.” We often need to be alone to hear God speaking kol demamah dakkah (קוֹל דְּמָמָה דַקָּה) – “the sound of a low whisper” (1 Kings. 19:12), and the journey into the desert was God’s way of separating His people to speak with them “privately,” so to speak. But to hear the word we must humble ourselves, and the desert (i.e., “word”) of Sinai is therefore first of all the word of humility (עֲנָוָה). When God spoke Torah to Israel, it was from a nondescript mountain – a place of emptiness, brokenness and need. Indeed, another word for Sinai is “chorev” (חרֵב), a word that means dryness and desolation. That is the starting point — not the lush places of a future paradise. We receive Torah “bamidbar” because we can only hear God’s davar in a place of lowliness and inner quiet. God brings us to an arid place — inhospitable, and dangerous — to reveal our need for Him, to show Himself as our Sustainer. The way to Sinai is a necessary excursion to prepare us to look for the greater hope of Zion. May God help us heed the whisper of His Spirit…”

~ Hebrews for Christians


ART by YoonSoo Nam

< To the oneness >
40X30 Inch / Acrylic on canvas / 2014

The scroll You unsealed is in me
The heavenly activities are moving swiftly in me
I see the gate…
The gate… Opened on the scroll
The gate… Surrounded by wedding flowers
Through Your blood I boldly enter the gate
Through Your righteousness I step into the light
I’m going into Your Kingdom
I’m running to my love
I’m pursuing to the oneness
I see You…
The bridegroom… Joyful and beautiful
The bridegroom… Pure and perfect
Here I am Your bride
Make me one with You


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ART: Clockwork-Music-Heart by Aurelien Police



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