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Dear Sincere Heart,

Let’s continue to examine the treasures hid in darkness, for the purpose of our glorious Heavenly Father’s kingdom come and His perfect will being done.

The communal aspect that you love is also fulfilled in doing what Jesus did – Hanukkah. However, the spirit of unity that engulfs the entire world centered around Christmas is actually the worldly spirit of the antichrist, which the history of Hanukkah and a close examination of everyday evidence, so starkly displays. My personal guess is that the Satanic NWO’s Babylonian-based religion will center around Christmas. Here are some articles to research in this regard:

The whole world is not thinking about Jesus and salvation during Christmas, but the sensual pleasures that this ancient Yuletide Season and Santa brings, which most Christians mainly focus on too. Unfortunately, if we trace “Christmas” back to its roots in Babylon, we see 3 main things that happened (happen) during the winter solstice season: [1] sorcery, [2] celebration of the birth of the pagan sun god on the ancient winter solstice of December 25th, and [3] the Land of Merchants. Refer to THE LAND OF MERCHANTS => .

True joy and peace actually reside in all of God’s Biblical Feasts: BACK TO THE FUTURE BASICS =>

I love that you are a gift giver, like me! You do better than most, if you give throughout the year; because Christmas has become a once a year giving ritual for most Christians: ONCE A YEAR GIVING RITUAL? => . Our modern-day Christmas is actually a holiday that trade built (See HOLIDAY THAT TRADE BUILT => ) that based out of Babylon (See THE LAND OF MERCHANTS => ).

One thing that shocked me is that Yeshua showed me through a profoundly prophetic dream that my giving to charitable causes during Christmas was consider adultery in His eyes. Here’s that: THIS IS CHRISTMAS: CHARITABLE GIVING => . I was amazed that it didn’t matter if I believe I was giving from the pure heart, or not, during Christmas. I remember telling Yeshua that Christmas and my tree weren’t idols to me. HIS response: “Just because you believe it’s not an idol, doesn’t mean it’s not. Look at the root.” Please refer to THE ROOTS OF CHRISTMAS =>

(To be continued)

Give em heaven!

Robin Main

Written Dec. 9, 2019 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.




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