Kingdom Key for Melchizedek’s Appearing – Part 2 – Being Set Apart

Priest High Wings

Where is Almighty God’s uncompromising tribe in this hour?

Moses words are still echoing seeking, “Whoever is for YHVH, join me!” In Moses’ day, an entire tribe stepped up to answer the call. Numbers 8:5-26 describes how the tribe of Levi was separated, cleansed, and given wholly to the Lord among the children of Israel.

YHVH’s priesthood in our day is the Royal Eternal Order of Melchizedek. The various ways that the Levites were set apart foreshadow a basic level that the Lord is asking His Royal Priesthood to operate in today. Let’s examine the setting apart of the Levites to understand the priestly behavior expected of His Holy Nation today:

[1] Levites paid the price to go against the flow, They RADICALLY OBEYED when Moses stood at the gateway of the camp and proclaimed, “Whoever is for YHVH, join me!” (Exo 32:26). Only the Levite dedicated themselves to UNCOMPROMISING SERVICE TO GOD at the judgment of the Golden Calf. They took a painful stand of justice and righteousness (Exo 32:27). By their loyalty and courage, the Levites were given the right to replace the firstborn to be designated as God’s chosen ones. The Levites were called to SERVE GOD BRAVELY AND UNSELFISHLY, even when it meant standing against guilty parties who were loved ones.

[2] Levites were GOD CENTERED (Num 3). They CAMPED AROUND THE PRESENCE OF GOD, not around a person, doctrine, or group. Numbers chapter 3 lists God’s Honor Guard after counting His tribes – the Levites and the Kohanim (Aaron’s direct descendants). These are the ones encamped immediately around the Wilderness Tabernacle when the children of Is-real moved according to His glory. Then God commands Moses to bring the Levites before Aaron where the Lord formally designated them as representatives of God’s Holy Nation who were in charge of SAFEGUARDING HIS SANCTUARY and assisting in its service.

[3] Levites gave up the right to a “normal” life. The LORD HIMSELF BECAME THEIR INHERITANCE (Deut 10:9).

[4] Levites PROVIDED CITIES OF REFUGE where broken-hearted, hurting and guilty people had a safe place to run to (Num 35).

[5] Levites FIRST MINISTRY WAS TO THE LORD (Ezek 44:10-16).

[6] Levites LED CONTINUAL WORSHIP IN GOD’S DWELLING PLACE. There were special songs for each day as well as specific songs for festivals, sacrifices and offerings. Hebraic tradition says that when the Lord “spoke” the world into existence that He actually sang.

[7] Levites BROUGHT THE PRESENCE OF GOD BACK TO JERUSALEM AND ALL THE CITIES WHERE THE PEOPLE MADE A CONSECRATED WORSHIP STANCE. The GOVERNMENT OF GOD CAME WITH IT, which was symbolized by the priests carrying the Ark of His Covenant on their shoulders (1 Chr 15).

[8] Levites brought the Ark of His Presence to its place, signifying the ESTABLISHMENT OF GOD’S KINGDOM AND ITS PEACE (1 Chr 5:7).

[9] Levites were MESSENGERS OF THE ALMIGHTY with true instruction in their mouths. They stood in awe of His Name, and turned many from sin. Levites walked with God in covenantal relationship of life, peace, and righteousness. (Mal 2:1-7).

Reference: Exo 32; Num 3; 8:5-26; 35; Deut 10:9; 1 Chr 5:7; 15; Ezek 44:10-16; Mal 2:1-7.

~ Robin Main

Written November 7, 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.

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