What if I told you that that the Christmas icon – Saint Nicolas – actually opposed Christmas? It’s true, but one must dig deep to find this treasure hid in darkness.

The Catholic Encyclopedia states about Saint Nicolas: “Though he is one of the most popular saints in the Greek as well as the Latin Church, there is scarcely anything historical certain about him except that he was the Bishop of Myra in the fourth century.”

Even though the Catholic Encyclopedia usually preserves a historically accurate record in regard to “Christmas,” I have found two instances where this is not the case: [1] They hide the fact that the rowdy and extremely sensual pagan Roman Saturnalia (worship of Saturn) is the most immediate predecessor of our modern day Christmas Season, and [2] They definitely know more about Saint Nicolas than where he lived and when he lived. For instance, historically, we know that Nicolas was present at the Council of Nicaea where he was stripped of his bishop title, because he opposed the Arianism being promoted there.

What was the Arianism being promoted at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD? Arianism was a humongous heretical sect, which regarded Jesus as solely a human agent.

It was the “official” Catholic Church’s compromise with this Arianism philosophy that led them to assimilate into their ecclesiastical calendar Mithra’s Winter Festival in 379 AD. Mithra’s Winter Festival celebrated the pagan sun god Mithra’s birthday, which was also known as “The Nativity,” or “The Nativity of the Sun,” or “The Nativity of the Unconquered Sun.” The Catholic Encyclopedia itself admits: “The Nativity of the Unconquered Sun, celebrated on the 25th of December, has a strong claim on the responsibility of our December date.”

Before the Roman shift in time, December 25th marked the ancient winter solstice and was known throughout antiquity as the birthday of the all the pagan s-u-n gods. Even today, pagans still celebrate the Winter Solstice and the birth of the sun god(s) when they mark Christmas. The December 25th worship of sun gods began in Babylon with the birth of the Babylonian sun god – Tammuz. Mithra just happens to be the Persian version of the pagan sun gods.

When the council at Nicaea stripped Nicholas of his bishop title for opposing Arianism, they were coming against his opposition to assimilating the people who believed in the Arianism philosophy and the church’s establishment of Christmas to appease the ones who believed that Jesus was solely human. Therefore, good old generous and miracle working St Nic didn’t endorse or support Christmas. He literally opposed Christmas. Wow!!! This is huge!!!

Please allow me to re-iterate this bombshell of historically accurate revelation. Saint Nicolas was stripped of his bishop title for opposing the Catholic Church’s compromise with the Arianism promoted at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. What this means is SAINT NICOLAS OF MYRA OPPOSED THE CHURCH’S ESTABLISHMENT OF CHRISTMAS!!! Let the gravity of this Big Lie sink in; and then, let the truth set us all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Significantly, the primordial practice of the Christian Church for approximately its first 300 years was Gentile Believers joined Jewish Believers in celebrating the Lord’s Biblical Feasts as One New Man. We need to return to our age-old foundation where the One New Man in the Messiah does what Jesus did (as revealed in the Word of God) in order to be made into the exact same image as Jesus  =>

Please note that the first recorded evidence of a “Christianized” Christmas actually taking place on December 25th isn’t found until the time of Constantine in 336 AD, which was 11 years after the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

It shouldn’t surprise us that religious and secular institutions have been covering up the truth and manipulating the masses to their own ends. The enemy of our souls has always been after people’s worship, and believe you me, Christmas is all about worship. It’s mixed sacred and profane worship that God will spit out of His mouth, because He considers it yucky (Revelation 3:16). The pagans in the fifth century recognized their own solar cults in the assimilated church practices of orienting cathedrals to the east, worshiping on “Sun Day,” and celebrating the birth of their deity on the ancient winter solstice – December 25th. It was common practice in this same fifth century for worshiper entering St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to turn at the door, put their backs to the altar, and bow down to worship the rising sun. Please refer to Ezekiel 8:6,16 for God’s opinion of this practice, and check out  for more on this topic.

I think Saint Nicolas was, and still is, a true son of God. Somehow, the very thing that he opposed got pinned on him after his death due to his godly generosity, amongst other things. How did it happen? That is something I am still researching, as I lay this before the Lord. It appears to be very much like the Catholic Church painting Mary the mother of Jesus in the idolatrous image of the ungodly Babylonian Queen of Heaven (Madonna and Child) when she is in fact a precious part of the True Queen of Heaven – the corporate Bride of Christ.

It’s time for the restoration of all things!!! In this particular instance, it’s time for the restoration of the godly character of the true son of God Saint Nicolas (without Christmas) AND it’s time for the mixture of Christmas to return to its original dark and demonic state. Refer to or

The restoration of all things returns everything to its original and eternal state. Believers need to understand that our Lord God is NOT going to redeem anything whose origins are demonic or evil. The redemption of those things whose roots are demonic is for them to be judged, so that they no longer exist. Then, whatever was perverted returns to its pristine, primordial state and it resonates at the same frequency as God’s Word =>

For more details about Saint Nicolas and the Spirit of Christmas, please check out this short 20-minute video =>

Also, don’t forget that my book SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up covers all the angles and was written in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ after I had vowed to His face three times =>

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Written December 11, 2018 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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