There is a purpose behind the way that Mystic Mentoring mentors people in ascension. It is not merely a tool to “see” in the Spirit, nor a way to experience heavenly/spiritual realities (although it does both of these things). There are many and diverse purposes to Ascension in Christ; but they all boil down to first loving God, becoming more like Him as well as seeking the Father’s perfect will, so that the kingdoms of this earth can become the kingdoms of our God and His Messiah at this time (Revelation 11:15).

Mystic Mentoring is not focused on simply experiencing heaven as an end unto itself. For instance, our Group Ascensions will not merely go to the wine tasting room in heaven to see what that’s like, nor go to a particular court in heaven, nor go to see the Tree of Life and eat of the fruit of the month. We may experience any (or even all of these things), but we do not choose the form or purpose that these divine encounters take. We solely go surrendered to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who are one in heaven through faith by the Spirit, by the water of His Word and by the Blood of the Lamb (1 John 5:6-8). Once everyone in a group chooses by their will to accept the royal Revelation 4:1 invitation to “come up here,” they simply report what each individual sees, hears and perceives as they follow the Spirit’s leading. The good news is that no one lays down their discernment, and each and every person are not only a valued part of Christ’s Body, but necessary for us to be complete in one during these ascensions.

The following are a few types of Group Ascensions that people can experience during Mystic Mentoring:

[1] RELATIONAL – The first thing people should experience via Ascension in Christ is a closer relationship with God. After every ascension (both individually and corporately), a person should be able to answer this question: How did you get to know God better? Ascension allows His people to behold Him and get to know Him better, so we can become like Him. Through Group Ascension in particular, we learn our corporate identities “in Christ”: the One New Man in Christ, the Order of Melchizedek with its High Priest Messiah Yeshua, and the Bride of Christ. We will speak more about why groups are so important in a future post(s).

[2] GOVERNMENTAL/KINGDOM – When believers who have entered the Kingdom of God ascend together, the King of Kings does not seem to miss an opportunity to co-labor with His kings & priests to do Kingdom Business. Those who co-labor to bring the kingdom of God to earth are responsible for manifesting these ascended heavenly realities on earth. Our Heavenly Father is looking for a holy people that will do what’s necessary to rule and reign with Him.

[3] DELIVERANCE – Ascension is a powerful deliverance tool, which takes captivity captive so His people can be free. Ascension Deliverance is the type of deliverance that Yeshua (i.e. Jesus) did. He only did what He saw His Father doing (John 5:19,30). When a group ascends for an individual’s jubilee, powerful things happen where even iniquitous patterns are broken due to a group laying down their own lives and time for another and only reporting what they see, hear and understand by His Spirit. God knows the golden way to freedom for any person, family, group, etc. We simply have to go in the Spirit and see how the Father will set them free. The reason Ascension Deliverance is so necessary at this time is that before we can deliver creation from its futility and the bondage of corruption, God’s children must first find liberty themselves (Rom 8:19-21). The caveat for Ascension Deliverance here is two-fold. A person must first be repentant and want to change (do away with their sin); and then, come-what-may they must hold onto to His Jubilee Truth for them. If either of these two items are missing, it’s best not to spend a group’s time helping that individual until they are willing to hold onto their jubilee. Yeshua worked best with the hungry: the woman with the issue of blood pressing through crowd, the man let down through a roof, etc. We should all be prayerful before doing Ascension Deliverance for anyone.

These are some of the purposes for Group Ascensions in Christ. The Lord told me once that at the intersection of His will and our will, His Kingdom comes. Be it done unto us, YHVH, as Your love and goodness deems.

~ Robin Main


Written March 8, 2015 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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