School of the Firmament - Class 4


When God’s people who are called by His Name choose to humble themselves and pray and seek His face, He reveals the Tabernacle of David precious truths to you… so you can dwell in His Glorious Presence permanently. “This is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face – even Jacob” (Psalms 24:8).

Do you know the critical factors to God Himself raising up the fallen booth (i.e., Tabernacle) of David? Conveniently, the Lord our God encoded this truth in two places Acts 15 and Amos 9, which we will be going into during our next School of the Firmament Class #4, which is called the “Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David.” Please refer to for more information and to register.

For the rest of the School of the Firmament classes, we are going to weave a Spirit-led tapestry of profound truths about the Tabernacle of David, Throne of David, Mount Zion, the Hebrew Living Letters and the Melchizedek Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifices from the Dead Sea Scrolls. We are anticipating scrumptious and exquisite royal delicacies being served around our diving into the depths of each Hebrew Living Letter.

Everyone is welcome!!! Simply check with the Lord and follow His lead. We will build up from the basics; and then, fly!

Our fourth “School of the Firmament” class begins at 5:30 PM MDT (Denver CO USA) on Monday, April 13, 2020. Each School of the Firmament: Online Interactive Class can last up to three hours, depending on class participation. Unlisted/unlimited play recordings are included in the registration fee.

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Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

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