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While doing my MELCHIZEDEK ARISING videos, I have run into several individuals who seem to think that Jesus Christ being the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek negates the reality of people entering into this order. I chalk this up to religious orders not being a common thing these days.

First, please allow me to make it perfectly clear that Yeshua Ha Mochiah (Jesus Christ) is the only High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek (Heb 2:17; 4:14-15; 5:1,5,10; 6;20; 7:26; 8:1; 9:11; 10:21); and therefore, its Head.

“Melchizedek” is more of a title than a name when it comes to the Order of Melchizedek. When Scripture says that Yeshua has been “called of God a High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 5:10), a group of people united in a formal way under the banner of the “Order of Melchizedek” is implied. Groups like the Order of Saint John may not be very familiar to many of us in our day, but various religious orders where people have been required to take solemn vows have existed for a very long time… probably since the days of Genesis 14. These have been communities under a religious rule. In Genesis 14’s case, it was the King of Righteousness’s rule. It was this man who was also a priest of Most High God that ruled Salem, which was the predecessor of Jerusalem.

Wherever we find the term “kings and priests” in the Word of God, it’s connected to the first occurrence of “Melchizedek,” because fundamentally Scripture tells us that the Genesis 14 Melchizedek was both a priest and king.

Just like the Order of St. John is an order of chivalry, so is the Order of Melchizedek an order of perfection. If you study all the occurrences of the word “perfection” in Scripture, you get a picture of PERFECT talking about completion, accomplishment or consummation of something, especially in character — being complete in labor, complete in growth, complete in mental character and complete morally. In the Greek (Strong’s 5046), it speaks of a full age or mature man, which is the manifestation of the sons of God spoken of in Romans 8:19. At its root, PERFECT in Scripture speaks of setting out for a definite point or goal – to be just like Jesus – and its fulfillment to the uttermost.

Just so you know, there is not one verse that shows where His people enter the Order of Melchizedek. We must take a common sense and holistic approach to understand this concept. I got the revelation for this concept when I asked Abba: “When are people initially commissioned into the Order of Melchizedek?” He told me an one-liner: “When they enter the Kingdom of God.”


• “And the disciples were astonished at His words. But Jesus answered again and said to them, “Children, HOW HARD IT IS FOR THOSE WHO TRUST IN RICHES TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD!” (Mark 10:24 NKJV).

• “Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, UNLESS ONE IS BORN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT, HE CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD” (John 3:5 NKJV).

• “Strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, “WE MUST THROUGH MANY TRIBULATIONS ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD” (Acts 14:22 NKJV).

This makes sense, because the sons of God, who are being made kings, have to have entered His Kingdom. Yeshua’s sacrifice on the cross was the once for all perfect sacrifice that makes a way for whosoever wills to have access to many heavenly realities. Once we accept the gift of salvation, it takes persistence on our part and focus on the Author and Perfecter of our Faith to join Him in the heavenly work here on earth to become just like Him. As we move unto perfection (becoming a mature son of God), we are learning to be His kings and priests.

Notice that Revelation 1:6 says “And has made us kings and priests unto God and His Father.” Revelation 5:10 also repeats: “And has made us unto our God kings and priests, and we shall reign on the earth.” That phrase “has made us” speaks of a progressive work where people endeavor to make our heavenly position our earthly condition.

The particular segment of His family that are referred to as His royal priesthood has made the first step of entering the Kingdom of God according to the requirements in His Word (John 3:5, 1 Peter 2:9) with the goal of MANIFESTING THE FULLNESS OF BEING MADE KINGS AND PRIESTS TO GOD here on earth as it is in heaven.

Side Note – You know people who have gotten saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) who never move on from that initial step. Yes. These people are part of His family when they accept His gift of salvation, but those who are part of Order of Melchizedek have chosen to move beyond the entryway state of salvation where they simply “see the Kingdom of God” (John 3:3).

Know that the actions of those in the Order of Melchizedek will speak volumes. Just like Abraham, our completed or perfected faith will be revealed (James 2:20-23).

~ Robin Main

Written September 14, 2014 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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ART by Eve Ventrue



Horse White Bride

Look. There’s a beautiful sunset with dark silhouettes in front. The sun rises higher with a very bright light, but we sense that there’s darkness all around. The earth is heating up. It is not being warmed, but the temperature of the earth is heating up. We hear the word, “pristine” and a low frequency, like a didgeridoo. We hear the earth’s crust cracking.

There’s a great intensity in the atmosphere releasing pressure, yet there’s a complete lack of activity, like everyone’s asleep.

It felt like the sun was trying to arouse movement on the earth when we sensed that the earth heating up. There’s movement to penetrate the darkness. We sense and hear a call. The sun is calling the earth to move and be moved – move the darkness.

See a lava flow with a sharp contrast between the detailed brightness against the silhouettes that has no details, just darkness. As the sun gets brighter, the darkness gets darker. There is an Isaiah 60 type of gross darkness covering the earth. Arise! Shine! Push out the darkness. The lava flow eats up everything in its path as it pours over the land. The lava flow creeps along stealthy quiet. We see tributaries circling the earth.

When one saw the sunrise earlier, almost immediately we saw Jesus rising with the sunrise with arms outstretched. The lava is purging all that must burn. Hear the words: “PURIFICATION,” “PURPOSED DESTRUCTION,” and “HOLY JUSTICE.” The brightness of the sun is impossible to look at, as we hear: “My Kingdom come. My will be done, on earth as it is in heaven – the very day.”

The light is Jesus with outstretched arms. We hear horrible screaming and tormented cries. The great light is expanding, growing much more huge, taking over the darkness. The great light is taking over the earth. It becomes a big ball of light with no more darkness.

Jesus is walking forward with one step. As He lifts up His foot to step, behind Him are lesser white lights in the Light. There’s an entourage. He is not solo. When Jesus lifts up His right foot and places it down on the earth, the entourage is seen. With one step, the whole landscape is filled with light.

There are celestial beings on horses, which is a vast army. We hear the snorting of horses. We understand that the purpose of the horses is righteousness and justice is the foundation of the throne (Psalm 89:14; 97:2). Yeshua is coming with His Kingdom to establish His throne on the earth. There are celestial beings coming with Him to do establish His new heaven and new earth. Hear: “Behold, I make all things new,” which is relevant particularly to the earth right now. Hear: “And He shall reign forever… forever…”

On the reigns of some of the horses is a bit at the jaw line with a bell on both sides of the horse’s cheeks. We hear tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, as a horse moves. We are instructed to listen to the bells. It is a bridle (i.e. bridal) on the bit in the mouth to say what the bell is saying. What is the bell saying? There’s a delivery of something that’s going to STABILIZE. These are War Horses coming behind Yeshua to deliver stability. The delivery is the righteous bridal clothing, and it’s in the bit in the mouth. We hear the bells speaking the WORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. These horses are spirit beings. It is the oneness of God’s Spirit speaking through the bells. Father God wants us to speak what He is saying by His Spirit through His bridal bells.

Sense that the lava represents words, a tremendous outpouring of words not from the Spirit. These horses will stop the flow of lava. They will interrupt the flow of man’s words and stabilize the earth. We understand that a Word of Righteousness is equivalent to Yeshua putting His right foot forth.

The LORD inhabits the praises of His people. We see the horse’s head again. The horse is pulling back its upper lip, so we can see its teeth. “THIS WORD WILL BITE!” The horse seems agitated and shakes its head emphatically. There’s something in the movement of the horse’s head. It’s communicating that the Spirit is impatient and chomping at the bit to take care of this. It’s eager and diligent. Hear: “THIS DILIGENT WORD WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR (CORPORATE) FAITH.” Hear: “Second Peter 1.” Hear: “Completed faith.” We have a sense that, as we put the righteous word of His Spirit in our mouth and chomp on it, perfected or completed faith will be found on the earth (when He comes).

What is the word? What are the bells saying? We press in. We are delivering the bridal message that transforms this earth. We will speak only His Word, because of His bit in our mouths. He controls our mouth. He is the bridal message of righteousness. The Bride – His Bride – is being clothed, which means that she’s being enthroned (in righteousness). His Bride is becoming the same frequency as the Bridegroom. We must line up with the Word of Righteousness. It’s a higher form of faith than the second day. It’s the difference between having FAITH IN JESUS and having the FAITH OF JESUS.

We feel huge peace and we move into it to become ONE – a woman – who kisses the bridal bell. She is being clothed, a bit is being put in her mouth and she is embracing it. When we first heard the bell, it sounded like it was trying to capture our attention; and then, we focused on the horse’s head. The message is OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND HE WILL FILL IT WITH HIS MESSAGE. This is the message that will stop the lava flow (men’s words).

When we first saw the lava flow, we saw arms sticking out of the lava flow at different lengths. These ones stuck in the burning flow had managed to put out their arm, as if to say “See me?” These arms passed on with the flow and became distant. Then another group of arms came. We see a painting by Michelangelo, and get the message that we are to take them up and out of the flow – catching them up. “Save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh” (Jude 1:23 NKJV).

We suddenly realize that these people were in sin and are reaching up for help. These people can not save themselves. THE BRIDAL MESSAGE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL PULL PEOPLE OUT OF THE FIRE AND UP INTO HIS KINGDOM. They want to come out!

To be continued…

REFERENCES: 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 9:7-8; 89:14; 97:2; Proverbs 20: 28; Isaiah 60; 61:10-11; 65:17; Hebrews 5:13-14; James 2:21-26; 2 Peter 1:5-8; Revelation 19:6-8; 21:1-5.

~ Robin Main

Written October 16, 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.

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From a Corporate One North Group Ascension, 01-12-2012, “The Bridal Message of Righteousness & Pulling People Out of the Fire – Part 1”



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• MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

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