Ark - Taking on Common Union

Next month, we will explore transformation and taking on your cherubic nature in our third online interactive Melchizedek Mentoring Class: “Taking On Common Union.” It’s being held Monday, June 10, 2019 starting at 5:00 PM MDT (7:00 PM EST). You’re not going to want to miss it!!!

Each of the Melchizedek Mentoring classes can stand alone, or they can dovetail to fit with all the classes. As the title suggests, this class is going to focus on our common union with the Almighty and one another, as kings and priests of the Order of Melchizedek. Behold, a kingdom mystery that has been hidden from the ages, which empowers the Messiah’s Mature Body to attach to His Mature Head. We will see how the Order of Melchizedek is the predecessor to the Bride of the Messiah and is the literal pool from which She comes. Especial focus will also be on the Seventh Day Transfiguration of man.

A minimal subscription is required before the password and instructions to join will be emailed to you, which is available here => http://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/events.html. Everyone who subscribes will receive the unlisted unlimited-play link to the class’s recording as well as being invited to participate in this incredibly revelatory online interactive class.

NOTE: Those who subscribe to all the Melchizedek Mentoring Classes will receive the unlisted unlimited-play link to the previous class recordings as well.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main




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