We focus on Yeshua (Jesus).

We see ourselves soaring on thermals. We are flying separately; then we come together and communicate. Then we go out and soar again. We communicate about our oneness assignment, but then we break off two-by-two. When we depart in twos, we have not left our oneness in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ). We understand that these oneness pairs are like the Blue Angels (of the United States Navy and Marine Corps) who fly in total precision.

We see an eagle with his piercing eyes that are able to zoom in and not miss the target.

We see eagles flying over a craggy region paying particular attention to the crevices. These two eagles are hungry. Their greatest enjoyment is the kill. There is something moving in the crevices. They are hunting prey – after the hidden things. [The Father is in the secret place, and He sees and reveals the hidden things – Matthew 6:4,4,17-21] They also have a PERFECT radar of protection.

These eagles are both preying and praying. This pair of eagles has hunting as their specialty. They circle a couple crevices in CONCENTRIC CIRCLES. They are searching for the MYSTERIES OF GOD to uncover deep things. These two see the reality of what’s going on. They confirm it with one another in total agreement; then go back to report.

The other eagles are caring for little eaglets. The eaglets are fed on what was seen by the scouting team. These two have a good report. Taste and see the revelatory food of the FATHER’S WILL. The eagle’s nest is in the TRUE NORTH OF ZION in heaven.

In the crevices are snakes – food. Strategy is needed to get them, chop them up, and feed them to the eaglets. In the shadow is the enemy. The eagles are stealth-like, like the stealth bomber. The frequency of the of the eagle’s screech will bring the snakes out.

Some of the snakes look harmless, like water snakes, while other are venomous, like rattle snakes. The water snakes’ purpose is to keep people from the River of God. The rattle snakes are balled together. They are mating. The rattle snakes also have a strategy to keep people from ascending the mountain of God. This job will take more than two eagles.

We hear these eagles calling more eagles. They call to the four corners of the north, south, east, and west. ONE large company gathers. It’s a council to get strategy to declare war. This is about the high places that have been inaccessible. These snakes hate God’s TRUE NORTH – ZION.

The scouting party’s good report is that there is plenty of food. They are not afraid. The scouting party also reports: The snakes are many. The snakes are mating. The snakes are preparing. The main cluster of snakes is venomous. The scattered snakes are not so threatening. The snakes that are going here and there in the rocks are decoys. These snakes are weak, expendable, and a visible distraction. The decoys get our attention, but are not the main threat. The enemy is conferencing too in a war room. These eagles will not be distracted by the strategy of the enemy. We know the snakes by their frequency – rattle, noise, confusion, chaos, and fear. The word DECOY reveals DE is that which is down or descending while COY is the sly ones. The small snakes are twice as venomous as their parents and very coy. The mass or ball of snakes is reproducing babies and have many tactics too.

What keeps the eagles safe and on their assignment is their hunger. These eagles have excellent night vision and are naturally immune to snake venom. They eat their prey live, and don’t worry about the small snakes either.

The perspective from the Big Nest in the TRUE NORTH shows the eagles large and powerful built-in weapons – their talons. THE STRATEGY IS TO GET THE SNAKES WHILE THEY ARE IN THE BALL BEFORE THEY SCATTER. IT’S A PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE REQUIRING PERFECT TIMING. The example is given of the current Israel-Iran situation.

The snake ball scheme is in darkness while the eagle strategy is in the air. The eagles are free.

The LORD is cracking open the crevice to expose the enemy, so they are accessible to His eagles. These crevices are not wide at first and are strategically places as foot paths, albeit not well-trodden ones. The stone around the crevices are white and speckled gray and silver. The reflection from the silver is sending off a blinding light with an appearance of a kind of glory.

The position of the boulders hides the snakes. The eagles can’t get the snakes, and unbeknownst to the people walking these paths, they are in danger.

Many eagles are gathered and are ravenously hungry. They cry out: “Feed me. Feed me. Feed me.” They can’t fly by the Spirit to get their own food. [These eagles were never pushed out of the nest. Pastors don’t want to push people out of the nest, and these ones created to be eagles don’t know how to catch the thermals of the Rhema Word of God.]

The ball of snakes is covering a strategy of “overcome evil with good.” Underneath the ball of snakes is a compass with lines going out. They are directional lines for eagles to find snakes. Snakes are covering what the eagles should know. They are concealing the revelation of the Golden Living Stream of the Word with its lines going out throughout the earth. But there’s more to the compass.

There is more than one huge ball of snakes. After the eagles take the high place of the enemy and the ball of snakes are removed, they take the compass. The compass guides the eagles to where the other snakes are. The eagles work from the top down taking the demonic governmental capital — counterpart to the eagle’s nest. The compass is the map that shows the lines keeping the craggy region captive.

War is imminent. Both sides are preparing. The eagles are all on the same mountain and the same river.

There’s a Heavenly War Council Room filled with Senior Eagles – a Joints Chiefs of Staff. They are conversing and strategizing. They come up with this plan:

• At just the right time, the Lord will be cracking open the crevices (timing is not quite yet, but soon).

• The Joints Chiefs are waiting on God Himself.

• They are waiting for the war thermal (wind of the Holy Spirit) of the Lord.

• Today was only a scouting mission – a panoramic view.

• The War Room Council will direct strategy to take the NORTH. The craggy region is the region of the north. God has given us weapons and strategies that we need to deal with the removal of the ball of snakes.

• His Wind will bring other companies of eagles from the four corners.

This Group Ascension ended with spontaneous decrees. When the LORD leads, “Corporate One North” crafts decree(s) according to His Spirit about what HE has sovereignly shown us during our Group Ascension. This is one way to apostolic ground something heavenly into the earth realm. “You will also decree a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways.” (Job 22:28).

DECREES – The following decrees were done on-site spontaneously under the unction of the Holy Spirit by each participant in this Group Ascension:

[1] “We decree that the angels by the wind of the Lord Most High will gather as ONE NEW MAN from all over … the hidden ones, mighty eagles, captains, all marching together.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

[2] “We decree that the strategies and new technologies for the overthrow of demonic capital come forth NOW.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

[3] “We decree that His eagles will be like Blue Angels, and we will have night vision to see the enemy.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

[4] “We decree that the ONE NEW MAN has weapons to remove the balls of snakes, and reveal and release the golden steaming line that will go out and take back the north territory.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

[5] “We decree that the strategies null and void that keep the river hidden, and that the snakes are exposed and their assignments are nullified.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

[6] “We decree that the ONE NEW MAN is coming on the wings of the Holy Spirit to the north from all over the globe. They are coming with purity of heart, sharpness of talons, and hearts to know. We decree that this mountain of God is cleared from the deception of evil and


NOTE: Words in caps relate to the Order of Melchizedek. Are you an eagle? Won’t you come gather with Him?! The call goes out to whosoever wills. It is a high cost and call to become part of declare the Full Counsel of God’s Word for this mountain. We decree that we will raise up the eaglets to fly and be free.” And the Joints Chiefs of Staff say: “Amen.”

We ground these decrees and declare the One New Man in Christ will hear from His line, which will restore the soul of the North to be the True North.

~Robin Main
02-23-2012, “Eagles of the North”
Corporate One North Group Ascension


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