Man by Deborah Rolnik Raichman - Alone-It-Is-Not-Good-To-Be-Even-In-The-Garden-of-Eden-for-website

Throughout the Book of Ezekiel, God addresses Ezekiel as “son of Adam (man)” as well as the House of Is-real (Israel). These references point to man’s original mission. Despite man’s shortcomings, we are expected to live up to our original design. We have been made in God’s own image – divine. A dear friend discovered that the first words in Scripture “in the beginning” can also be translated “created six” or “created man.” Check out her excellent video => She teaches that God’s work was completed before the foundation of the world. That Adam existed before the foundation of the world. When Adam was created on the sixth day of creation, he already existed prior to the creative act. If nothing else, Adam existed in the thoughts of God. Hebrew mystics say that the very first thought of God was Adam and his sons. Therefore, man was the very first thought of God and His last creative act that was made in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27). Selah.