Would you say that doing what Yeshua (Jesus) did is just for Jews?

I have heard for years that Hanukkah is just for Jews from both Christians and Jews. That is not what Yeshua told me during an epiphaneous appearance on December 21, 1998. When Yeshua came to me grieving with tears in His eyes, He first told me: “The mixture of Christmas grieves My heart.” Then, Yeshua paused to let that bombshell sink in. My world was rocking primarily because He was there, and our Christmas tree was in the next room at the time. Yeshua then added: “Come out of Babylon. Lay down Christmas, for I will have a Pure and Spotless Bride.”  After I tossed our Christmas tree to the curb, I was sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of tea looking at a pile of packages. I asked Yeshua: “What do we do now?” I distinctly heard: “Do what I did. If Hanukkah is good enough for Me, it’s good enough for you.” Please refer to https://youtu.be/QbEuq3Tz2Q8 and http://wp.me/p158HG-4E and http://wp.me/p158HG-kH.

If you haven’t heard, Yeshua celebrate Hanukkah, not Christmas. In fact, after months of seeking the Lord about the redemption of Christmas, Yeshua told me that Hanukkah is the redemption of Christmas. It’s doing what He did. See https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/yeshua-celebrated-hanukkah-not-christmas/ and https://sapphirethroneministries.wordpress.com/2019/12/25/redemption-of-christmas/.

Let us circle back to Yeshua coming to me with tears in His eyes. His grief was moving and convicting. For approximately ten years, I have noticed a predominate theme or two during Hanukkah. This year the Lord Himself is featuring Doing What Yeshua Did (WWJD) – Hanukkah – and His grief over the Christmas worship practices of His close, personal friends. Refer to http://wp.me/p158HG-Dx  and/or https://youtu.be/QbEuq3Tz2Q8. If you care to truly seek Him and His ways through being humble and teachable, you will encounter His grief. I can’t help but think that a recent word that He gave me comes into play as well: There will be a “stark contrast” between Hanukkah and Christmas this year. See https://sapphirethroneministries.wordpress.com/2021/11/24/stark-contrast/.

May you and I sooth His grief and comfort His heart, as we celebrate as Yeshua did.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main


Written December 1, 2021 – Sapphire Throne Ministries, Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!



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Hanukkah Redemption of Christmas WWJD

When Yeshua (Jesus) told me that He was going to redeem Christmas, I simply responded: “Okay.” Immediately, I proceeded to lay down all my preconceived notions down on His Altar, because I solely wanted to know His perfect will, which is the perfect will of the Father too. I literally waited on Yeshua for months, as I regularly checked in. I would ask Him the same seeking question various ways:

  • “What do You say is the redemption of Christmas?” OR
  • “What is the redemption of Christmas in Your eyes?” OR
  • “What is the Father’s perfect will in regard to the redemption of Christmas?”

After each searching question, I would incline my ear and heart to listen intently. One day, Yeshua told me: “Hanukkah is the redemption of Christmas. It’s doing what I did.”

Check out John 10:22-23 where Jesus is walking in the Temple during the winter Feast of Dedication, which is another name for Hanukkah. I encourage all genu-wine believers to please lay down all your preconceived notions on God’s Altar too, and personally ask our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus if the perfect redemption of Christmas is Hanukkah.

Understand that our Beautiful Heavenly Father and His Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) does restore all things; but understand mixture grieves God’s Heart, and He is NOT going to redeem anything whose origins are demonic or evil (which includes Christmas). For more on this subject, please refer to => https://sapphirethroneministries.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/how-does-god-redeem-evil-or-demonic-things/.

The redemption of demonic and evil things is them being judged, and us/them returning to our/their pristine primordial state that resonates at the same frequency as the Word of God.

Jesus tells us: “The Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner” (John 5:19 NASB). Significantly, this means that when Yeshua celebrated Hanukkah, so did our Heavenly Father.

Here’s to purely worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth according to His perfect will and ways! Happy Hanukkah!!!

Give em heaven!!!

~ Robin Main


Written Dec. 25, 2019 –  Sapphire Throne Ministries, Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.

• Ascension Manual book => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188511

• Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book => https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Order-Melchizedek-Robin-Main/dp/0998598240/

 MEL GEL Study Guide book => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188538/

• MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0998598232/

• SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book => https://www.amazon.com/SANTA-TIZING-Whats-wrong-Christmas-clean/dp/1607911159/

• Set of Hebrew Living Letter Flash Cards => https://www.sapphirethroneministries.com/flashcards



NostalgiaXmas - Lance Russwurm

Believers ask me a common question during the winter holiday season. What about Christmas Town in heaven? What do I think about those who have seen and experienced Christmas Town in heaven?

Know that I write this in obedience to the dictates of the Lord’s heart. First, please allow me to make it clear that I support all believers, especially the leaders in the Ascension in Christ movement. What I am about to detail is not meant to be against any one individual. I believe that all believers can be deceived, including leaders. That’s why it’s important for all of us to always remain humble and teachable before the Lord. I also want to clarify that we can all be “off” in one, two or more points and still not be classified a “false teacher,” “false prophet,” et cetera. If someone is sincerely seeking to measure up to the plumb line – Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) – we all have the grace to learn. Great grace to us all!!!

I’ve watched, prayed and waited to do this article for a few years now. A couple years ago, the Lord told me that He was going to redeem Christmas. So, instead of assuming what that meant, I asked Him to show me and remained opened to whatever He brought my way. This year Messiah Yeshua made it very clear to me that Hanukkah is the redemption of Christmas, because the Messiah celebrated it and we are to do as Jesus did, if we want to be made into the Messiah’s exact image. Please refer to the “Doing What Jesus Did” and other articles below.

Additionally, this year we had a MM Facilitator (Mystic Mentoring in Christ Facilitator) have some questions about God’s heart in regard to Christmas and Hanukkah. After we had a short discussion about it, everyone in the MM Group Ascension laid down their own understanding, selfish agendas and soulish desires on God’s Altar. Then, we ascended via the Blood of Yeshua to focus solely on the Father’s heart. I teach everyone that discussions before and after a group ascension usually affect the ascension; therefore, we are to be guardians of holiness. This particular ascension group was taken to the Lord’s Wall of Remembrance where we got to gloriously experience Yeshua and His friends celebrating the Feast of Dedication. In Hebrew, Hanukkah means dedication or re-dedication. You are cordially invited to join in this ascended reality => https://vimeo.com/246039449 and check out the post I wrote about it => https://sapphirethroneministries.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/wall-of-remembrance-reveals-joining-the-messiahs-table/.

We cannot overemphasize that the only one identified in Scripture as celebrating the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) is the Messiah Himself. “And it was at Jerusalem the Feast of Dedication, and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the Temple in Solomon’s Porch” (John 10:22-23 KJV). Even though Messiah Yeshua is the only one plainly shown as celebrating Hanukkah, if you study the term “Solomon’s Porch” or “Solomon’s Colonnade” or the “Portico of Solomon,” you will discover it’s a place of miracles where all believers met. So, not only did Messiah Yeshua celebrate Hanukkah, but it is implied that all believers do too. Refer to https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2016/12/31/all-believers-meeting-together/.

Please check out what I am about to share with you with the Lord Himself. You will have to lay down this issue on God’s Altar first in order to properly hear His heart. The Bible declares that love covers a multitude of sins. The positive edge to this verse has to do with forgiveness and confidentiality. The other side of this two-edged sword communicates that soulish love literally covers the sin it loves.

What about Christmas Town in heaven? Check with the Lord Himself, but I believe that I have been clearly shown that Christmas Town is in the “second heaven,” which is a false heaven that unsaved New Agers ascend to through their own soulish desires. This false heaven looks so much like the real heaven(s) that believers should be extremely cautious to NOT ascend other than through the Blood of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:19). Additionally, believers should never ascend according to their own soulish desires, but focusing on the perfect will or perfect heart of the Father. We can all get off from hitting the bull’s eye of the Father’s heart, if we do anything through our soulish desires.

If this wasn’t a corporate concern affecting His Pure and Spotless Bride, I probably would not have been directed to speak up. Ultimately, this issue and all issues of the heart are between you and your God. Hopefully, my speaking the truth in love can assist us all in our quest to become just like Jesus – the Messiah.

One of the last points that I’d like to make is that Christmas tethers people to the false Messiah (Metatron Mithra) with his demonic control of space-time. Believers are meant to be unlimited. When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, God placed eternity in your heart. Why would you choose to be bound by 3-D space and the 4th dimension of time when you have been prepared for immortality?

Recall that Yeshua celebrated Hanukkah, not Christmas. Leaders across the spectrum of both Christianity and Judaism are reluctant to tell you a hard truth that will set God’s people free to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. The first Anti-Christ specified in Scripture (Antiochus Epiphanes IV) celebrated Christmas, before it was called “Christmas.” He placed a Greek sun god idol on God’s Altar on December 25th; and then, sacrificed a pig on it. Jesus celebrated the antithesis. Hanukkah literally celebrates the overthrow of Christmas on God’s Altar (the overthrow of the love of Christmas in our hearts). See https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/yeshua-celebrated-hanukkah-not-christmas/ and https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/new-jerusalem-connection-to-the-messiah/.

If you want to follow in Enoch’s steps where this mortality puts on immortality, then this is a huge key to it all. Enoch came to me, gave me a thumb’s up sign and said: “Happy Hanukkah.” Then Enoch added: “It’s an end-time message… one of them.” As the heavenly golden scribe, Enoch helped me write two books where I fulfilled the vow I made to Yeshua’s face three times. Please check out:

• GOLDEN SCRIBE ANGEL => https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/golden-scribe-angel/

• MELCHIZEDEK ENOCH IN MERKABAH FORM – METATRON => https://santatizing.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/melchizedek-enoch-in-merkabah-form-metatron/

SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book => https://www.amazon.com/SANTA-TIZING-Whats-wrong-Christmas-clean/dp/1607911159/

Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah: Bridal Restoration of DNA book => https://www.amazon.com/Blazing-New-Wine-Hanukkah-Understanding-ebook/dp/B010MHNZMK/

The vow I made to Yeshua’s face three times was I would tell the Christian Church that “Christmas will be the golden calf of America.” Messiah Yeshua and the Archangel Gabriel gave me this divine message about a year after Yeshua epiphaneously came to me with tears in His eyes telling me: “The mixture of Christmas grieves My heart.” He paused to let that bombshell sink in, as I was seated near my family’s Christmas Tree. Then Jesus added, “Come out of Babylon. Lay down Christmas, for I WILL have a pure and spotless Bride.” I didn’t hate Christmas when Jesus came to me with this message. I loved it. When I asked Him what to do after we laid down Christmas, Yeshua told me: Do what I did. John 10. I was literally clueless at the time. For more on this true story, please check out http://wp.me/p158HG-4E and/or http://wp.me/p158HG-kH .

Know that celebrating Christmas is not a salvation issue. It’s about the pure and spotless Bride and eternal rewards. I will include an abundance of articles for your perusal below. And by the way, many people have testified that the presence of the Lord comes in the room when they read SANTA-TIZING, which I prayed for every day for 10 years as I wrote this book, because I knew a genuine move of the Spirit is required for this message.

I pray that the spirit of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and revelation speaks to us all.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main


Written December 26, 2017 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!



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Ascension Manual => https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578188511/

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