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Now is the time for the spiritual manifestation for God’s Temple to come forth! We will see how its perfection is the fullness of the One New Man of the Order of Melchizedek (in the Messiah) positioned in the New Jerusalem as the Bride of Christ.

When the dispensation of Abraham was held supreme, prior to God coming with skin on, the Jews submitted to the ceremonial law of not keeping company with those of another nation; because when Jews mingled with the idolatrous nations, it corrupted them and God’s message through them. But when Yeshua (Jesus) came, a new dispensation was instituted where Yeshua crucified in His flesh the enmity caused by the law that He might create in Himself One New Man – Jew and Gentile – in a single body by means of the cross. (Ephesians 2:15-16).

The cross was the natural, objective manifestation where Yeshua (perfectly naturally and supernaturally) began the process of reconciliation of Jew and Gentile into one body. On earth, we have yet to see the enmity (or feud) end between Jews and Gentiles; but we have entered the dispensation of the fullness of time where it will occur.

Did you know that in the second century when the young Christian Church gradually included a growing number of Gentiles with no prior contact with “The Way,” they increasingly dependent on their mother soil? A distinct demarcation line had to be firmly drawn between right and wrong Christianity, as well as between Christianity and paganism. Christians had to go back to how the gospel was preached to them in the beginning, just as Yeshua and Paul preached. And it happens to coincide with the points Christians share with Jews: biblical monotheism, ethics, and rejection of idolatry. Today, it seems that clear-cut line has become blurred once again. Many times the world is having a difficult time distinguishing between those who are Christian and those who are not.

Practicing Jews still keep the essential commandments decreed in Acts 15; therefore, it remains for Gentile believers to restore these ancient ruins long since devastated in our own lives. The Essential Commandments for All Believers actually demonstrate a person’s rejection of idolatry; hence, this is connected to the Golden Calf of Christmas. Please see the below exchange about Christmas being a crux for the One New Man in the Messiah coming together.

The Essential Commandments for All Believers are listed three times in Scripture: Acts 15:19-20; Acts 15:28-29; Acts 21:25. When something is repeated twice in Scripture, God is emphasizing the matter. That the Essential Commandments for All Believers are listed three times speaks about what is real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete and divine. Not only do the Essential Commandments for All Believers prohibit things that had or have connections with pagan customs, traditions and idols; but in reality they are abstinence requirements, which binds God’s people in holy matrimony to our Heavenly Bridegroom. It’s noteworthy that these abstinence requirements preserving the sanctity of holy matrimony were the ONLY burdens the Holy Spirit led the Jerusalem Council to specifically place of the nations (Gentiles believers). This information is so important right now that I was lead to publish all of chapter 4 from the book “SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up” on a blog => AGE-OLD FOUNDATION –

If you’d like to see a real-life example of how the Christian Church’s compromise with mixed celebrations prohibit the joining of the One New Man together, please see the conversation below.

~ Robin Main

Written November 29, 2014 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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ACTUAL FB POST FROM A JEWISH PERSON: “I just wanna leave Babylon and move to Israel. Christmas is always such a painful time of year when people who claim to be on fire bring Christmas trees into their homes and worship YHWH in ways He condemns in His Word. I tell people over and over and no one cares. They love their traditions more than what He says about it. I just want to cry every day. Jews will not accept their Jewish Messiah because Christians celebrate His birthday on the same day as all the pagan gods. I just want to get away from all pagans who claim to be Christians and who are Spirit-filled. How can you not keep the most basic commandments of not worshiping idols and then say you love Him…? Why don’t you care what your Bible says…? Why don’t you love Jews enough to provoke them to jealousy by biblically loving your Jewish Messiah…? I am bitter… I am so sad…! What will it take for the Church to love her Bridegroom undefiled and equally yoked…? Persecution…? For him who has ears to hear… I am sorry if you hate me because I hate Christmas. But Yeshua hates it, too.”

A FB friend and I had the following exchange about the above FB post (BTW – It is shared anonymously with her permission):

FRIEND: The problem I have is how she out right condemns us Christians.

ROBIN: Unfortunately, this is the crux that will bring the One New Man in the Messiah together. Jews know that Christmas is based in Babylon and God condemns it. Christians think God grace allows them to overlook fulfilling the commandments like Jesus did. I don’t support her condemning Christians, but you’ve now seen a glimpse into a linchpin of light that once we all “keep he commandments of God AND the faith of Jesus” (Rev. 14:12), the Body of Christ — both Jew & Gentile — will be joined as one in Him. Yeshua will not intimately join Himself to Christmas. He literally tells us that the worship of sun gods drive Him far from His sanctuary. Please see => CRUX FOR GOD’S DWELLING PRESENCE –

FRIEND: Yes, I am just being introduced to what Christmas is but it will be him to bring me revelation and not someone on FB criticizing me and say I am not a Christian. Just as you said he was the one to bring you revelation. He knew the proper timing to reveal this to you.

ROBIN: Yes. They went too far there, because anyone can be saved (be a Christian though faith by grace) and still break every commandment. Anyone… including me. That is why it’s a choice to do a marriage contract (ketubah) with His Ten Commandments.

Due to all the deception perpetrated by the religions Babylonian system that exists within the institutional Church, I believe that there is great grace extended to those coming out of Babylon and laying down Christmas to become part of His pure and spotless Bride.

Try to extend grace and love to those that are frustrated. They don’t get how Christians can be so crass in doing outright idolatry and being ignorant of it. I also encourage the other side (Jews) to extend grace and love to those who don’t see. The ONE full of truth and grace will change us all.

FRIEND: Yes! It’s like when you first get saved and have no knowledge. Then you look back today and see how far you have grown from the first day you were saved. The very things we believed yesterday does mean we still hold those things as truth, because we have greater revelation and knowledge. It’s a process I believe.

ROBIN: It certainly is. Let us all be long-suffering & understanding, yet speak the truth in love .

FRIEND: Yes. That’s how I want to be.



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In this Kingdom Day, We are to Offer our Hearts like Zebulun

Lighthouse - White-puffy-cloud-a-heart-or-whale-Pigeon-Point-Lighthouse-@-sunset

First of all, please note if you desire to have greater clarity to the prophetic Kingdom Day in which we now live, study the phrase “third day” in Scripture. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, meditate upon: If “with the Lord one day is as a thousand years” (2 Peter 3:8), then we have entered the third day since Christ walked this earth.

Now, let’s look at how Scripture shows us that on the third day, the tribe of Zebulun was instructed by God to bring the tribal offering for the dedication of His Altar:

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Let them present their offerings, one leader each day, for the dedication of the altar.’ On the third day it was Eliab the son of Helon, leader of the sons of Zebulun” (Numbers 7:11, 24).

The dedication ceremony for God’s Altar is a picture of the way God’s people can enter His Dwelling Place. Understand that when we dedicate something, we [1] devote it to the worship of a divine being, [2] set it apart for sacred uses, and [3] commit to a goal or way of life.

In the Old Testament, the Altar in God’s Tabernacle/ Temple represented the hearts of the people. The word “heart,” in Ancient Hebrew, is a word picture that tells us that the heart is what controls the family or the heart controls that which is on the inside. If the Israelite’s hearts were not right in trying to obey and walk humbly before their God, their sacrifices meant nothing.

If we are to dedicate our hearts like Zebulun, what does that mean? Jacob prophesied over his son: “Zebulun shall dwell at the seashore; and he shall be a haven for ships” (Genesis 49:13). The name Zebulun means dwelling place. It also means flashing light. Zebulun was to be a keeper of the lights of the harbor. In Ancient Hebrew, the word “dwell” means the work of returning (to our primordial state, as in the garden of Eden) and it also means to have a house.

If you research the Hebrew meaning of the word “dwell” in the Strong’s Concordance, you see the word “shakan” (pronounced shaw-kan). Shakan is a primary root word and its meaning is akin to transmutation through the idea of lodging. When we behold (hold) Him, we shall become like Him. I looked up the word “transmutation” in my dictionary. It means to change or alter in form or nature, especially to a higher form; for example, conversion of base metals into gold or silver. A synonym for the word transmutation is the word transform.

Please allow me show you that in this Kingdom Day, the All Sufficient, All-Powerful, All-Knowing God will strengthen us as we make Him our dwelling place. As we settle in(to) Christ, we will return to our primordial state as in the garden; and, He Himself, the King of Glory will twist or roll His Body together.

When Zebulun presented their offerings for the dedication of the altar (Numbers 7:24), Eliab the son of Helon was chosen in Moses’ day. Eliab’s name firstly means “God of his father.” So what does his father name mean? Helon means to be strong or a force such as an army, wealth, virtue, strength. (For more information about loving God with all your strength, please refer below.)

Specifically, this force/strength is a dance or it means to writhe in pain (i.e. fellowship in His sufferings). Figuratively this force or strength means to wait as in “be still and know I am God,” to bear, to bring forth or to travail (birth). It also means to twist or whirl in a circular, spiral manner. This is interesting, because the root meaning of Eliab’s name is the Hebrew word “uwl,” which so far has been an unused root and means to twist or roll the body together.

The definition of “twist” in the World Book Dictionary includes to turn with a winding motion, revolve, interweave, to connect closely together or associate intimately. As a noun, “twist” means a spiral line or pattern, a spin or twirl, or (get this!) a cord, thread, or strand formed by twisting fibers, yarns, etc. This is the thread that the Lord is using to knit His people together. The thread is each individual part, you and I, working properly according to the leading of the Spirit of the Living God. It’s a heavenly strand of DNA:

“holding to and walking in the truth in love, we are growing up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held (knitted) together by what every joints supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” (Ephesians 4:15-16 NASB).

I had a vision where I saw Yeshua different than ever before. He had a chiseled appearance like an Academy Awards Oscar statute. He was entirely dark, in fact black in appearance, except for royal blue highlights. I believe that the color black symbolizes the secret things hidden in darkness (Isaiah 45:3) as well as Yeshua being the Definitive One, and royal blue represents revelation. Below Yeshua’s chest was a square opening like a door. (I saw nothing below His waist.) I came to Him in the vision, and was fitted perfectly into the very chamber that was below His heart just like a dovetail joint in a chest of drawers. We were literally connected in an embrace – the two becoming one.

As soon as we were joined together, we started to spin in a circular motion – to twist. The circular spin rolled into an upward spiral going higher and higher. I then saw a sinister figure that I knew was a principality. We whirled right past him – higher and higher – so high above the principality that he no longer knew where we were. The scene then changed to Yeshua in a courtroom – the Judge. I saw Him straighten His arm and point His finger; then I saw that I was tucked in the chamber under His heart, which looked like a doorway. When Yeshua pointed, I saw that I pointed as well, perfectly synchronized with Him.

Jesus, “the Judge,” which in Ancient Hebrew “judge” is a picture of the door to life, taking us higher to be one with Him. “Eden” in Ancient Hebrew means to see the judge or to see the door of life – Yeshua. We will behold Jesus as we offer our hearts as a daily sacrifice by spending intimate time with Him. Before a bride gets married, she is consumed with her lover – thoughts, conversations, hopes and dreams.

We will become that Dwelling Place for the King (Revelation 3:12; Revelation 21:3). We will manifest what the Strong’s definition of “dwell” says: to lodge, permanently stay, abide, have a habitation, lie down for rest or intimacy, ravish, and decease from any other purpose at all.

Won’t you make room for Him in your inn?

On this prophetic third day, Almighty God will strengthen us as we make Him our dwelling place; and He Himself, will twist or roll His Body together, as we rest in Him. In other words: As we dwell with Him, He will twist and roll us together individually.


Let’s take this picture to another level — a corporate level. Not only do we want to build a dwelling place for the King, but we want to inhabit or dwell there too. This requires that we always keep our eye on becoming the Bride of Christ. So in your mind’s eye, picture a woman twisting and rolling upward. Picture the heavenly formation of the Bride of Christ on earth. In this Kingdom Day, as we dwell with HIM, HE will twist and roll us together corporately.

Esther chapter 2 talks about the one who twists and rolls the Bride together is her Father. By the way, this is the meaning behind the name of Esther’s father “Abihail.” In Esther 2:15, Esther required NOTHING but what the king’s chamberlain appointed to come to the king. My Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary tells me that a chamberlain is a servant or attendant on a sovereign or lord in his bedchamber. A chamberlain was the curator of the most intimate, a chief officer in the household of the king, and a treasurer. As the king’s treasurer of his liege’s most precious possessions, the chamberlain was the officer entrusted with the king’s resources, which is equivalent to the Bridal Love Portion of loving God with all your strength. Please refer to “Here Comes the Bride“

~ Robin Main

Written September 25 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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• MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

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• SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book => was written to fulfill a vow made to Yeshua’s face to tell the Christian Church that “Christmas will be the Golden Calf of America.” It took 10 years of full-time research, a golden scribe angel and the Spirit’s leading to unearthing His Truth in the sands of time. It covers every argument that you have ever heard about Christmas.