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For such a time as this, the Master of the Wedding Banquet is revealing what the Bride of the Messiah (Christ) needs to do in order to be ready. Hidden within the bowels of Scripture are the instructions for God’s Holy Priesthood on how to make spiritual sacrifices, which will culminate in them becoming a glorious part of His Pure & Spotless Bride.

“Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stone, are being built up a spiritual house, A HOLY PRIESTHOOD, TO OFFER UP SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES ACCEPTABLE TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST” (1 Peter 2:4-5 NKJV).

Before we go into the three progressive crucifixion steps for the Bride’s Baptism of Fire, we need to understand the concept of “spiritual sacrifices” according to the Messiah’s instruction. Please be patient as we lay some foundations, so His Crucified Ones can literally see how to hit the Father’s bull’s eye of righteousness.

Some Christians believe that the instructions of Moses on the priests, the altar, and the sacrificial system are not true for us today. That’s not what Yeshua (Jesus) said: “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. “But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?” (John 5:46-47 NKJV). Yeshua has also told us that: “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill” (Matt 5:17 NKJV). That word “fulfill” means to fill it full of meaning. Will we do things exactly as the Levitical priests did in their day? No, but God’s Holy Priesthood will apply those Biblical principles and ask the Spirit of the Living God how we can fill them full of meaning in our day. BTW – We will not be going into what Judaism or Christianity has taught. We will only stick to the things that Yeshua tells us if you believe these things, then you will believe Me.

The Levitical Sacrificial Service were actually audio-visual aids to explain certain profound, basic principles on how we relate to God, how we are to live with one another, and how to be reconciled with one another. Within the instructions of the priests, the altar, and the sacrificial system are the basic of our faith. Without these ancient foundations, the cross of Christ means nothing.

The very beginning of the Levitical Sacrificial System starts with the first word in the Book of Leviticus – “vyihkra.” The Hebrew letter “alef” in this word is made small, and if one dissects this word Hebraically, a person understands: If you are going to be called of the Lord, your strength must be made small, so His strength may be made large in your life. Any person called of the Lord will share this testimony. Recall that John the Baptist (who was a Levite) gave this exact testimony in being a forerunner of the Messiah: ““He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30 NKJV). In a sense, John the Baptist was saying I must go away (disappear), so He can come forward (appear).

The following are five reasons Yeshua of Nazareth gives on why we need to have sacrifices, and why we still have a priestly sacrificial system:

[1] TABLE FELLOWSHIP – God’s Altar was the place where sacrifices were burnt in His Temple. It was considered to be the Lord’s Table. The hospitality of the Lord is basically the hospitality of your homes. When someone is coming over, they ask their host: “What can I bring to join you at your table?” Then the host will specify what’s appropriate to bring. The Altar is the place where God said, I will meet with a man and we will do business together. Even the business world makes agreements over a good meal. God has set standards, protocols, and manners that will be done at His Table. It’s that simple. If you want to come near to God and approach His Table, simply ask because it’s open to whomsoever will. LOVE will whole-heartedly welcome you, and He will specify something you can bring to the table to join Him (Luke 22:29-30; 24:30; 1 Cor 10:21).

[2] RESTORATION OF FELLOWSHIP – God’s Altar is for the restoration of fellowship, because sin separates us from God. These are instructions on how to turn your direction in order to come more near to the Lord. It is here that the Messiah instructs us: “If you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift” (Matt 5:23-24 NKJV).

[3] WORSHIP OF GOD – The adoration of God Almighty is illustrated by every sacrifice, which had to be lifted up so they could be elevated unto the Altar. When we come to the Lord, we lift up our hands when we bring any gift or sacrifice to the Lord. These gifts and sacrifices don’t earn God’s love. They are simply reflections of your loving, respectful, obedient heart. What do people do at sporting events when a great play is made? They cheer. Raise their voice and their hands. They show exuberance, excitement and respect (John 4:23-24; 1 Tim 2:8).

[4] REDEMPTIVE WORK OF THE MESSIAH – The whole principle of sacrifice teaches the substitution and ultimate work of the Messiah on the cross. Because of God’s Altar, we know that something of value can take the place of another and be found acceptable as a just conclusion. The entire concept of “giving” is first based on God’s sacrificial system in Scripture. Your sacrifice must come from your domestic herd. It has to cost you. It has to come from you. Remember, I mentioned that a sacrifice is really representative of you offering yourself? The first lesson on “giving” in the Word of God embodies the Father gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16).

[5] ESTABLISHMENT OF FEASTS – All the feasts prescribed by the Lord Himself were based on certain gifts brought to God’s Altar. If you believe in celebrating the Lord the way He originally prescribed, they started off from the instructions given to the priests. BTW – You may want to consider that Scripture says His “Word stand forever” (Isa 40:8), and God Himself says, “these are My feasts” (Lev 23:2). In 2 Chronicles 8:13, the primitive root for the yearly feasts that are His set appointments is the Hebrew word “ya-ad.” This primitive root implies that during God’s set appointments with His people, the Lord is summoning His people to meet Him at His Table at His stated time. It also tells us during His Biblical feasts that LOVE is directing us into a certain position, so He will be able to engage us for marriage (i.e. be betroth).

~ Robin Main


References: Lev 1:1; 23; 2 Chron 8:13; Psa 119:48; Isa 40:8; Lam 3:40-41; Matt 5:17,23-24; 9:10; Luke 22:29-30; 24:30; John 3:16-18; 4:23-24; 5:46-47; 1 Cor 10:21; 1 Tim 2:8; 1 Pet 2:4-5.






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In this Kingdom Day, We are to Offer our Hearts like Zebulun

Lighthouse - White-puffy-cloud-a-heart-or-whale-Pigeon-Point-Lighthouse-@-sunset

First of all, please note if you desire to have greater clarity to the prophetic Kingdom Day in which we now live, study the phrase “third day” in Scripture. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, meditate upon: If “with the Lord one day is as a thousand years” (2 Pet 3:8), then we have entered the third day since Christ walked this earth.

Now, let’s look at how Scripture shows us that on the third day, the tribe of Zebulun was instructed by God to bring the tribal offering for the dedication of His Altar:

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Let them present their offerings, one leader each day, for the dedication of the altar.’ On the third day it was Eliab the son of Helon, leader of the sons of Zebulun” (Num 7:11, 24).


The dedication ceremony for God’s Altar is a picture of the way God’s people can enter His Dwelling Place. Understand that when we dedicate something, we [1] devote it to the worship of a divine being, [2] set it apart for sacred uses, and [3] commit to a goal or way of life.

In the Old Testament, the Altar in God’s Tabernacle/ Temple represented the hearts of the people. The word “heart,” in Ancient Hebrew, is a word picture that tells us that the heart is what controls the family or the heart controls that which is on the inside. If the Israelite’s hearts were not right in trying to obey and walk humbly before their God, their sacrifices meant nothing.


If we are to dedicate our hearts like Zebulun, what does that mean? Jacob prophesied over his son: “Zebulun shall dwell at the seashore; and he shall be a haven for ships” (Gen 49:13). The name Zebulun means dwelling place. It also means flashing light. Zebulun was to be a keeper of the lights of the harbor. In Ancient Hebrew, the word “dwell” means the work of returning (to our primordial state, as in the garden of Eden) and it also means to have a house.

If you research the Hebrew meaning of the word “dwell” in the Strong’s Concordance, you see the word “shakan” (pronounced shaw-kan). Shakan is a primary root word and its meaning is akin to transmutation through the idea of lodging. When we behold (hold) Him, we shall become like Him. I looked up the word “transmutation” in my dictionary. It means to change or alter in form or nature, especially to a higher form; for example, conversion of base metals into gold or silver. A synonym for the word transmutation is the word transform.

Gold Dust Streaming

Please allow me show you that in this Kingdom Day, the All Sufficient, All-Powerful, All-Knowing God will strengthen us as we make Him our dwelling place. As we settle in(to) Christ, we will return to our primordial state as in the garden; and, He Himself, the King of Glory will twist or roll His Body together.

When Zebulun presented their offerings for the dedication of the altar (Num 7:24), Eliab the son of Helon was chosen in Moses’ day. Eliab’s name firstly means “God of his father.” So what does his father name mean? Helon means to be strong or a force such as an army, wealth, virtue, strength. (For more information about loving God with all your strength, please refer below.)

Warrior combating flames

Specifically, this force/strength is a dance or it means to writhe in pain (i.e. fellowship in His sufferings). Figuratively this force or strength means to wait as in “be still and know I am God,” to bear, to bring forth or to travail (birth). It also means to twist or whirl in a circular, spiral manner. This is interesting, because the root meaning of Eliab’s name is the Hebrew word “uwl,” which so far has been an unused root and means to twist or roll the body together.

The definition of “twist” in the World Book Dictionary includes to turn with a winding motion, revolve, interweave, to connect closely together or associate intimately. As a noun, “twist” means a spiral line or pattern, a spin or twirl, or (get this!) a cord, thread, or strand formed by twisting fibers, yarns, etc. This is the thread that the Lord is using to knit His people together. The thread is each individual part, you and I, working properly according to the leading of the Spirit of the Living God. It’s a heavenly strand of DNA:

DNA Stairway to  Heaven

“holding to and walking in the truth in love, we are growing up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held (knitted) together by what every joints supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love. ” (Ephesians 4:15-16 NASB)

I had a vision where I saw Yeshua different than ever before. He had a chiseled appearance like an Academy Awards Oscar statute. He was entirely dark, in fact black in appearance, except for royal blue highlights. I believe that the color black symbolizes the secret things hidden in darkness (Isa. 45:3) as well as Yeshua being the Definitive One, and royal blue represents revelation. Below Yeshua’s chest was a square opening like a door. (I saw nothing below His waist.) I came to Him in the vision, and was fitted perfectly into the very chamber that was below His heart just like a dovetail joint in a chest of drawers. We were literally connected in an embrace – the two becoming one.

DNA origins

As soon as we were joined together, we started to spin in a circular motion – to twist. The circular spin rolled into an upward spiral going higher and higher. I then saw a sinister figure that I knew was a principality. We whirled right past him – higher and higher – so high above the principality that he no longer knew where we were. The scene then changed to Yeshua in a courtroom – the Judge. I saw Him straighten His arm and point His finger; then I saw that I was tucked in the chamber under His heart, which looked like a doorway. When Yeshua pointed, I saw that I pointed as well, perfectly synchronized with Him.

Jesus, “the Judge,” which in Ancient Hebrew “judge” is a picture of the door to life, taking us higher to be one with Him. “Eden” in Ancient Hebrew means to see the judge or to see the door of life – Yeshua. We will behold Jesus as we offer our hearts as a daily sacrifice by spending intimate time with Him. Before a bride gets married, she is consumed with her lover – thoughts, conversations, hopes and dreams.

Door Open

We will become that Dwelling Place for the King (Rev 3:12; Rev 21:3). We will manifest what the Strong’s definition of “dwell” says: to lodge, permanently stay, abide, have a habitation, lie down for rest or intimacy, ravish, and decease from any other purpose at all.

Won’t you make room for Him in your inn?

On this prophetic third day, Almighty God will strengthen us as we make Him our dwelling place; and He Himself, will twist or roll His Body together, as we rest in Him. In other words: As we dwell with Him, He will twist and roll us together individually.


Dance Wind


Let’s take this picture to another level — a corporate level. Not only do we want to build a dwelling place for the King, but we want to inhabit or dwell there too. This requires that we always keep our eye on becoming the Bride of Christ. So in your mind’s eye, picture a woman twisting and rolling upward. Picture the heavenly formation of the Bride of Christ on earth. In this Kingdom Day, as we dwell with HIM, HE will twist and roll us together corporately.

Esther chapter 2 talks about the one who twists and rolls the Bride together is her Father. BTW – This is the meaning behind the name of Esther’s father “Abihail.” In Esther 2:15, Esther required NOTHING but what the king’s chamberlain appointed to come to the king. My Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary tells me that a chamberlain is a servant or attendant on a sovereign or lord in his bedchamber. A chamberlain was the curator of the most intimate, a chief officer in the household of the king, and a treasurer. As the king’s treasurer of his liege’s most precious possessions, the chamberlain was the officer entrusted with the king’s resources, which is equivalent to the Bridal Love Portion of loving God with all your strength. Please refer to “Here Comes the Bride“ https://sapphirethroneministries.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/here-comes-the-bride/.

Rev 19.7

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