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“The word of the LORD came to me: “What do you see Jeremiah? I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied. The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”(Jeremiah 1:11-12).

The word for almond tree in Hebrew sounds like the Hebrew word for watching. The delicate pink blossoms of the almond tree hail a first fruit in Israel. Its first tree fruit is also its seed. An almond seed is technically a kernel, which is the central or important part of a subject, plan, or problem. Also, know that the Hebrews see the almond tree as symbolic of the Tree of Life.

Almonds are associated with the Temple Menorah (Candlestick) of Exodus 25 fame. The cups of its seven lamps were shaped like almond flowers with buds and blossoms. Full almond blossoms symbolize life blooming while the almond buds symbolize the hope of new or renewed life. When things look dark and wintry do not despair, it is only a season for spring is near. Thank God the almond tree is the first one to bloom in Jerusalem in the spring of the year!

TODAY IS THE DAY TO STEP INTO HIS WINTER ONE-DEAR-LAND TO EXPERIENCE THE LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE OF THE WORLD COMING TO YOU IN A ONE-DEAR-FULL NEW WAY TO SEE THAT HIS WORD IS FULFILLED. Not only is Chanukah called the Feast of Miracles, but also the Feast of Lights. His finger is touching the most important parts in your life, whether they be plans or problems. Cast your cares on Him, and see Yah work with your eyes of faith.

The seven branches of God’s Light in His Temple are connected to the seven Spirits of God. The Light of His Manifest Presence is watching over His word to see that it is fulfilled. All that is given through the marvelous gift of the seven Spirits of God is designed to bring the Bride into a place where she is without spot or wrinkle.

The seven Spirit of God was the seven-fold nature of Christ, which Yeshua (Jesus) walked in here on earth: the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:1-2). Heaven’s will and the Seven Spirits of God enabled Yeshua to fulfill His high and holy calling, and so this will be for those of the Order of Melchizedek and of the Bride.

If one sees these lamps burning before His throne (Rev 4:5), they are the seven colors that make up the components of light. Condensed this spectrum of color is the substance of light. Yah’s command “let there be light” set the spiritual foundation of our earth, which is the Father’s love manifest in the seven-fold nature of Christ, and in Christ, all the protoplasm of the universe holds together. See http://wp.me/p2k1dQ-kE .

The seven Spirits of God are part of the government of God – His ruling and reigning Kingdom – and they are resident in mature saints who bring increase of His government of peace and righteousness (Isaiah 9:7). Believers who mature into their royal priesthood function will have Christ’s Being lived out through them by means of the seven Spirits of God. These Spirits will promote God’s administrated will or government on earth through His end-time Royal Priesthood. Anyone who wills to do so can have this place in Him. The operation of the seven Spirits of God enables revelation to flow unabated in the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. This revelation reveals the deep, secret and hidden truths of God’s Kingdom, life in the Spirit, and God’s plans and purposes found in Christ.

~ Robin Main


Written December 2, 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.



The measure of light in every man is connected to “let there be light.” When a way is created for the Lord of Love to fill us and take ownership of our faculties, His divine life becomes our own life and animation. Yah will move heaven and earth to help someone who is singularly focused with all their heart, soul and strength on Him. Those who chose to die daily to the world to go deeper into Him will. If you are a slave to the world system, you’re not going to rule it. The call is high, and so is the price. He is God, and He knows what it’s going to take to get the world out of each one of us.

The Messiah’s royal priests will be willing to have the world removed from their souls to gain the seven Spirits of God, so they can rule and reign throughout the earth with the King. These seven Spirits of God, which are depicted as lamps burning before His throne, make up the components of light. The various colors representing the seven Spirits of God are:

[1] Red – the Spirit of the Lord (love, life, etc).
[2] Amber – the Spirit of Wisdom
[3] Yellow – the Spirit of Understanding
[4] Turquoise/Green – The Spirit of Counsel
[5] Light Blue – the Spirit of Might (Power)
[6] Indigo – the Spirit of Knowledge
[7[ Violet – the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

Condensed this spectrum of color is the substance of light. Yah’s command “let there be light” set the spiritual foundation of our earth, which is the Father’s love manifest in the seven-fold nature of Christ, and in Christ, all the protoplasm of the universe holds together.

DISCUSSION: Please select how you’d like to involve others (there’s freedom to do whatever the Spirit leads):

[1] What is something you’d like to see Yah fulfill in your life?

[2] Which one of the seven Spirits of God do you gravitate towards the most?

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