Light Bulb Pieces

The following is a third-heaven group experience in which our Beloved included Kenya in our journey. With the recent terrorist attack on the mall in Nairobi, we believe this word is for “such a time as this.”

Listen. There’s a song: “This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine…”

Picture a huge single candlestick (i.e. candle) that lights the world. Then picture each of God’s sold-out hearts holding a small light in hand and coming to a Big Candlestick. As we come to the giant candlestick, there are many explosions of light, like fireworks, going in all directions from the Light of the World.

We now see a very din light that’s recognizable as darkness. We hear footsteps on stones walking towards the giant candlestick and God’s people. We see hooded and robed figures that are short in stature. They are walking, as they carry a miniature light cupped in their hands. We hear the hooded figures chanting under their breath in a low-pitch frequency. It sounds like a Georgian chant.

They have come to light their tiny miniature candle from the Big Candlestick of God – the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. They are people who believe that their light is just about ready to be extinguished. There’s a sense of humbleness to them, as they look at their feet. They are seeking more light to see. They are devout hearts doing what they know best. They are seeking the light, even though their faces are hid. These true seekers are harmless and hungry. They are actually starving, because they have been kind of hung out to dry. It’s like they’ve tried everything else.

These hooded and robed ones appear to be from the “Dark Ages” in the way they dress and sound. We sense the period of the 14th through the 16th centuries of time. We think of Martin Luther. We hear writing and writing to give freedom and liberty! This signifies a moment in time when the Scriptures became accessible to everyone.

The hooded ones are looking for the true path of God – the path of true enlightenment! They appear to be beaten down. Once again, we hear the low tones of the chant. These are low frequencies of seeking minds and hearts. They’re prayers. It sounds like they are chanting as one man: “O God, our help in ages past…”

We see the hoods on their robes being pulled back. One-by-one they see with their own eyes the Big Candlestick structure. Their eyes are fixed, as if this was so beyond what they had thought or imagined. Their eyes are the windows of their souls. The Big Candlestick (LIGHT OF THE WORLD) is like the Seven Spirits of God all in ONE!!!

The formerly hooded ones fall on their face before the Big Candlestick. In fact, they are falling in waves, first one group then another. We cannot see a limit to the people falling on their faces before the Big Candlestick, once they see it. There are many more people in this place then what we can imagine, and they’re still coming. We just can’t see due to the deep darkness that’s covering these people. It’s when the people come to the Big Candlestick that we can see them.

We witness some of the first ones that see THE LIGHT. Their faces shine anew with a new shone. They are like new creatures, no longer hooded and shrouded. They radiate with candlestick light. We hear: “These people that were in darkness are becoming a new light…” (Isaiah 60-61).

They now want to “touch” THE LIGHT. We see them walk even closer to the Big Candlestick. We now see more plainly that the Big Candlestick looks very modern, yet it’s 50s retro in shape with a round base and swooping sides that curve upwards and fans out into another circle at the top. The entire candlestick and structure is all one piece, including the gigantic silver stand and fire at the top. The top is rotating and pulsating, as the people are being saturated by THE LIGHT.

We hear the LORD say: “Go and walk among them… those that have come and are coming!” We see that we are wearing silver garments. It’s as if what we are wearing and the candlestick are ONE. Even though, we are wearing the LIGHT of redemption and reconciliation, we actually appear transparent. The silver sheen is like looking into a light bulb and seeing the tungsten filament inside.

We, as overcomers, touch these people to help them receive His shekinah glory. We hear the LORD instruct us to: “Help them take their hoods off! Also their robes!” These earthen robes are a reddish-brown color. We hear Him say: “I will robe them in many colors of My light” (i.e. the attributes of God’s nature). These robes are like the filthy rags we read about in Zechariah chapter 2. Remember how this Scripture talks about Joshua’s priestly garments and his turban being replaced making him ready for the Messiah’s return?

We are supernaturally helping them dismantle their traditions, beliefs, and practices that came from the Dark Ages by helping them take off their old priestly hooded garments that blinded them to the present truth of Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) in this season of time.

We see one man struggle with his ancient hood. It just will not come off. He’s so intertwined and entangled in his ancient robe that he’s ensnared by his past traditions and practices. Like a three-fold cord of fear, doubt and unbelief, the man is being held hostage to his own hooded robe. By himself, he can not and does not want to do what he saw the others doing – getting liberty and freedom. We come alongside of him, like a three-fold cord of faith, hope and love, and eased him out of his dilemma. We first pull off his filthy turban (i.e. hood) that blinded his eyes, and find a gold band across his mind. Written on it is “Holy unto the Lord.” We only helped him pull down his hood for him to see; then he pulled off his entire robe, including the hood, by himself.

The light from the candlestick feels quite tangible at this point. It’s real substance. There are many people with an identical problem with their hoods. Actually, they are too many for us to personally help. This is a dilemma for us! We cry out, and the LORD tells us that a new technology has been given to us for this hour. We decree immediately: “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” Light floods the darkness, like a multi-faceted spotlight. It shows us the people who have come to release their hoods and throw off their old garments from the “Dark Ages.”


Kenya - Light of Hope

KENYA: Earlier in this visionary third-heaven group encounter, we saw a map of Kenya but it didn’t fit at the time. We now see flickering lights appearing on the central region of this nation. People are coming, like the previous hooded ones. However, they are coming like in a funeral procession. They are mourning. They are making a vigil, grieving in body and spirit.

We see many tribes coming in droves to the central part of the nation of Kenya. We hear: “Will you go to this nation? Will you come with Me to this nation?” We contemplate in the Spirit that they can not come to us, but we carry the light. Can we go to them in the Spirit? Yes! We will take THE LIGHT to Central Kenya in the Spirit!

We hear chanting similar to the frequencies heard earlier. They are tribal sounds, but the same frequencies as the ones we heard with the “Dark Ages” sound. The LORD instructs us to: “Go stand before them!” We see them smiling ear to ear. We motion for them to sit in groups of fifties. We sit first one group of fifty to the left, then one to the right, and then several groups in between. We stand in the midst of these groups down the middle.

We see a small leafy branch that looks like the herb thyme in our hands. This symbol also communicates to us that they are running out of “time.” They appear to be hungry, both physically and spiritually. They are starving. They need physical food and supernatural food.

The Kenyan tribes look at the thyme that we are handing to them, and they wonder: “What is it?” We see one tribesman eat the thyme. As he eats it, light goes into his core and he begins to radiate THE LIGHT (thyme) he just ate. The rest begin to gobble down the thyme too after seeing what happened to this one man. They all light up with so much joy! Supernaturally, they are restored WHOLE, both physically and spiritually.

When the people of Kenya first came, they were all holding onto their tribal spears that pointed upward, as if postured to fight for their lives. But now, they are completely disarmed. There is no longer any need for such crude warfare instruments. No need for self protection. We see the spears fall down; then, we see the adults feeding their children this thyme/time.

~ Robin Main

Copyright September 24, 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main

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From: Corporate One North, 11-22-2011, “Restoration by the Light” Group Ascension

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