I am re-posting this initial announcement due to Facebook scrubbing the first one that I posted on 10-24-2019, which no exists on the Sapphire Throne Ministries FB page.

Come join us! Our fantastic kickoff event is an Art Experience of the original Hebrew Living Letter pastel paintings as well as art works from various Artists Ascensions. It will be open to the public. Wine tasting will be an option as well.

Promo - LoveFest - Lvld, CO - August 6-8, 2020

LOVE & ART FEST: ASCENSION GATHERING                                                                                    August 6-8 2020 in Loveland, Colorado USA

The anointing on this is HUGE!!! Mark your calendars! Pack your bags! And let’s fly rocky mountain high & beyond!!!!!!!!

Heaven and earth are gathering together to honor Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), the Holy Spirit and the perfect will of the Father. We look forward to the Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) Tribe servant-leadership team releasing His shekinah glory with the possibility of a Spirit-led Miraculous Healing Session! We also look forward to enjoying the creative art experience of all Hebrew Living Letters and several artists ascensions.

Beginners and seasoned flyers are welcome to this authentically Christ-centered, joy-infused Love & Art Fest: Ascension Gathering!!! Receive a practical Biblical foundation and spiritual infusion for Ascension in Christ as well as the Order of Melchizedek. We will flow by the Holy Spirit during this gathering.

Anticipated subjects include:

* Unity & One Love of the Priesthood of All Believers (Melchizedek Priesthood)
* Introduction to Ascension in Christ
* Corporate Ascension
* Ascension in Christ Teaching Breakout Sessions (Children Ascension, Bridal Ascension, Governmental Ascension, Artists Ascension, etc.)
* Samples of Corporate Ascension in small groups
* Possible Spirit-led miraculous healing session
* Facilitators layered teachings and testimonies
* Art experience of the original Hebrew Living Letters pastel paintings as well as art work from various Artist Ascensions

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: For many years, Robin Main has practiced the pathways to Heaven and entered into the Kingdom of God within (Luke 17:21), having “supernatural encounters of the divine kind.” Beginning in 1999, under the mentorship of Nancy Coen, Robin began “officially” practicing Ascension in Christ where she has experienced the Heavenly realms – the life that is hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). She hid these experiences in her own heart until the Lord’s timing. Now, Robin has put her energies toward training others in Ascension, so we can partake of our royal invitation in Christ – that is, to “come up here” (Rev. 4:1). She has pioneered group ascension online and in various venues, such as children, artists and bridal, as well as training leaders to facilitate group ascensions. Robin also wrote the Ascension Manual in 2016, the first Christian publication of its kind. Her creativity, integrity and love for Yeshua (Jesus) and all people has caused many to be transformed through connecting to the perfect heart of our Heavenly Father to mature into the fullness of the Mind of Christ and the Body of Christ.


“I was BEYOND BLESSED MEETING YOU, DRINKING FROM YOU, AND ALL TOGETHER DEEPENED BY THE EXPERIENCE OF EVERY ELEMENT OF THE CONFERENCE. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being humble and your leadership! Your team reflects your beauty in so many ways. SO… SO… GRATEFUL FOR YOU AND OH HOW I THANK GOD FOR LEADING ME TO YA.”
~ Holly

“I want to thank everybody for all the love, hugs and kisses. The chocolate really hit the spot. Most of all thank you for the meeting. It is so rare to find. I will be gleaning and growing from all that you shared for a long time. You are all a true blessing to the Bride of Christ! Blessings to you!!!”
With Love Dorothy

“Everyone was just wonderful, and I so enjoyed meeting all of you. You made me feel right at home and very comfortable! For me, it was a great life changing time and I appreciate the Lord for giving me the opportunity to meet Him in this new way, and for the opportunity to meet all of you!”
Blessings to everybody!

Please pray about joining us!


NOTE: Re-posting this initial announcement due to FB scrubbing the first one that I posted on 10-24-2019, which no exists on this page.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main



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