Year 2014 Road
• Generations (pure-blood line)
• Double measure or double-portion of perfection (salvation, deliverance)
• Passover covenant and promises for 2014 = Jewish Leap Year known as the pregnant year… so look in your generations and see what the LORD has promised you and yours, because when the Hebrews pray they make demands on the basis of what God has promised them.
• The date of the Lord’s Passover is the 14th day of the 1st month (Lev 23:5).

So consider for 2014:

• 2014 is a year for salvation (harvest).
• 2014 is a year for deliverance (taking captivity captive).
• 2014 is a year of jubilee on the Biblical Calendar (freedom).
• 2014 is a year of generational fruition (promises fulfilled).
• 2014 is a year to pass over on earth in a greater measure into eternal life with the Blood of the Lamb marking your doorway.
• 2014 is a year that HE is going to purify His bloodline (i.e. family).
• 2014 is a year pregnant with possibilities. It’s a time for new beginnings (era) as well as a time when we will reap what we have sown; therefore, it’s a great time to run to His Throne of Grace to receive help and mercy in our time of need.

~ Robin Main

Sapphire Throne Ministries


Originally posted 01-05-2014 –