Bridal Veil #18 - MM Group Ascension - Art by Patricia Muggeridge

Behold, the reward for those who sit captivated and intoxicated at Yeshua’s feet. Follow Mary of Bethany whose prayer shawl drips with the golden liquid of the Hebrew Living Letters. Behold, she is barefoot, because her feet don’t hit the ground. Follow in her high frequency footsteps to the sound of the flute – the Pierced One. Behold, the wounds of Yeshua in her feet… in her walk. Behold, Yeshua on the cross through Mary of Bethany’s eyes. Go through the pierced side of Yeshua into the Father’s heart where there’s a golden throne room with a golden fountain reflecting pool in the middle. Yeshua’s light reflects here and the Father is on the throne. This is the golden quadrant of the Father’s heart where we encounter innocence, joy and health (healing). The holy priests of the Father’s heart are Crucified Ones. Kneel with the Apostle Paul in an ancient prayer position with your forehead on the ground. Behold, the Father’s heart on your golden forehead where pure blood flows and you are crowned with light. Become and hold onto being Priests of Light with “Holiness to the Lord” in the forefront of your mind. Receive this light of living in the Father’s awareness. Drink deep of the joy-filled water in the golden throne room of the Father’s heart.

~ Robin Main

Glimpse into Bridal Veil #18 – MM Group Ascension on December 27, 2017. Please feel free to join in His goodness and golden quadrant glory =>

Copyright December 30, 2017 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main


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ART by Patricia Muggeridge, which was painted during this MM Group Ascension

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