one man worship

We are ONENESS with skin on.

~ Robin Main




“The Spirit of God leads and guides you into all Truth. It leads into the presence of God which then shows you the oneness of all. It destroys the constricting self-centered false outlook of the ego. Wholeness is in a realization you are connected with and protected by the whole. Every part in a body is looked after by the brain (revelation/truth) and heart (love) which supplies blood throughout the body for life. You are looked after and protected by God and only your actions springing from a mindset of separation creates chaos in your life. You begin to sow a seed (thought pattern) not given by God which causes situations of darkness. Truth is ever present. Removal of falsehoods is the real process of apprehending Light in your life.”


~ Michael Scott Sr.

Lighthouse Covenant Ministries


Originally published on July 4, 2017 via FB =>



Artist Unknown

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