Come fellowship with the Door – Yeshua (Jesus). Sit before a campfire on the beach and watch the sparks turn into musical notes and ascend. Feel His pleasure. Rest in the reflection of the still water and the moon. See Yeshua walk around you with His hands behind His back resonating two tones with his voice. He is sharing His essence. Follow Him into the water. Feel the joy-filled water. Receive the giddy cleansing water. Hear: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Feel the release of heartaches and disappointments. Ascend another level higher to be fine-tuned to a full measure. In Him experience the full spectrum of music. Move into the time frequency of a new age of fullness. Engage the seven notes of a musical scale… engage the Seven Spirits of God and their seven colors with their seven frequencies. Institute the song of the redeemed.

~ Robin Main

Glimpse into a MM Group Ascension =>


ARTIST: Orit Martin


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