QUESTION: I had a “therapeutic” abortion as a young bride. (It had been advised by my doctor, and my pastor agreed that I needed to do what the doctor recommended. That was 40 years ago. I have no husband for decades, and never bore children. I am forgiven, and the memory does not haunt me, anymore.) I heard: “Those little ones can have another chance to fulfill what was written in their book. I am waiting for your prayers.” And, I remembered, “ALL things are possible to those who believe”. What is your opinion on this? 

ANSWER: Indeed, with God all things are possible. I know that babies do grow in heaven and have a chance to fulfill what is written in their book, if they are adopted and dedicated back to God.

I know of a couple that went to Jack Hayford’s Deliverance Conference before they were married. The woman had an abortion in college. The group praying over her told her that she needed to name her baby, adopt her baby and dedicate her baby back to God. The woman was scared to include her fiancée, because the fear of rejection. Ultimately, she decided that it was better to know sooner than later where her fiancée stood in the matter. Not only was he so gracious, but he told his wife-to-be that he would name, adopt and dedicate her baby as his own, even though he was not the biological father. When they sought the Lord together on the baby’s behalf, he got the baby’s first name, and she got the baby’s middle name. In awe, together they bowed their heads and wept as they named, adopted and dedicated this precious soul back to God.

Later that night, the mom had a glorious vision of her son as a toddler on a swing in heaven with Jesus pushing him. The little boy waved and said: “Hi Mommy!” Jesus waved too. For years afterward, that woman would come undone when she thanked God for taking care of her son. As she thanked God, she would see her son in the spirit growing/maturing in the heavenly realm. She now knows that her precious redeemed son is one of the leaders of the children in heaven.

Minimally, babies that have been aborted need to be adopted and dedicated back to God. Naming them is important too, but that seems to be more for the parents that have aborted the baby than the need to name them in order for them to grow in heaven and fulfill their book.

That same friend told the Lord: “If I can save one baby, I’m here for you.” One day while waiting in line at Kinko’s, the Lord spoke to her to tell the gal next to her: “Keep the baby.” My friend looked sideways at the gal. She told me that gal didn’t look pregnant. My friend keep wrestling with God. She keep asking him things like: “Are you sure?!” “You want me to talk to her and tell her to keep the baby?!” My friend almost missed her chance and ran after the gal after she exited the store. She yelled: “Excuse me Miss!” The gal turned around and responded with a curious: “Yes?” My friend stepped off the cliff: “The Lord told me to tell you to “Keep the baby.” The gal looked at my friend confused and replied, “I’m not pregnant.” My friend sheepishly responded, “That’s what God told me to tell you.” The gal simply said, “Okay,” and moved on. My friend told me that she literally slid into her car embarrassed to the hilt and she told Yeshua: “Why did you embarrass me like that?!” Yeshua immediately responded: “She is going to need that.”

Shortly after this time, my friend was in a lucid dream state where she saw a field full of babies. She was told “a million babies.” Angels were ministering to these babies… feeding them, burping them, loving them, etc. God asked my friend if she would adopt this field full of babies and dedicate them back to Him. God told her that He needed an end-time army. Overwhelmed with His goodness, my friend gratefully adopted them all and dedicated them all back to God. She told me that she asked God that these children’s parents would be able to name them. God is so so so good. God multiplied my friend embarrassing, radical obedience into saving not just one baby, but also helping a million babies grow in heaven to fulfill what is written in their book.

Like Mary Magdalena, my friend and others who have been healed and made whole by God after they have had an abortion, love much because they have been forgiven much.

Give em heaven!!!
Robin Main

Written February 5, 2017 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!

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