Mystic Mentoring TribeMM Tribe – has been in the making for 15 years. Everything we do has a rhyme and reason. Some of you may know us under our former name: “Mystic Mentoring (in Christ) – The Loving Arc of God.”

The Mystic Mentoring Group Ascensions all began 15 years ago with my guide and mentor – Nancy Coen. For her protection, I was unable to previously honor Nancy to give her credit where credit is due. Know that the MM Group Ascensions done through the MM Tribe are based on the principles and processes taught by Nancy Coen. I am so deeply grateful for everything she has imparted into my life and others.

The small group being mentored by Nancy was always encouraged to be faithful to reproduce after its kind. All I can say is that it has been my prayer and aim to be faithful to reproduce the ascension model since receiving the privilege of being mentored by this spiritual giant whose tremendous power in the spirit is surpassed by her wisdom, kindness and love.

Know that it is not my aim to exalt the MM Tribe. Last weekend, Nancy Coen announced that she has Ascension Groups in 30 countries. Just know that the MM Tribe is simply one of many. The MM Tribe supports all Ascension Groups, which focus, like Yeshua did, on the Father’s perfect will and hitting the bull’s eye of the Father’s heart.

If you are interested in getting a flavor of the Mystic Mentoring Group Ascensions, the MM Tribe invites you to join us this coming Sunday from 4:00-7:00 PM MST for a Mystic Mentoring Specialty Group Ascension called “Deeper Kingdom Discoveries.” Participants are encouraged to join the MM Tribe Closed Facebook Group where we are growing together in the Father’s love and where you can also know what’s going on in regard to Mystic Mentoring Group Ascensions. It’s our Ascension Hub if you will. Please request to join here => in order to get the information on how to join us on Sunday.

If you are new to Mystic Mentoring Group Ascensions (after checking out the Deeper Kingdom Discoveries Group Ascension), we encourage everyone to make the “MM Biblical Foundation Class for Ascension” their starting point.

Thank you, Nancy Coen, for all you do. We are grateful that God gave the world such a precious gift. The sons of the Living God are manifesting all over the earth, because of you.

Robin Main


Here’s a sampling of Nancy Coen in action:

* Testimonies =>

* Limitless by Nancy Coen => OR

* Age of the Kingdom, Presidents Saved, Dead Raised, Creative Miracles
by Nancy Coen =>

To contact Nancy Coen =>



  1. Good day to you! I want to get deeper in the spirit realm and I need to understand how to go deeper than I already am. I would love to be involved with the Ascension groups that’s going on! I don’t understand how to get involved in looking for information. I’m in Taber Alberta Canada

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