Bouquet - Lilies-of-the-valley

Yeshua (Jesus) asked if I’d like to see something one morning. I love it when He asks that! My spirit gets all stirred up for I know I’m in for something revelatory and great! I saw myself standing at the corner of something white. It appeared to be a white expanse extended over the horizon as far as the eye could see. I asked Yeshua what the white stuff was, as I concentrated and looked closer. What I saw was that the “white stuff” was lilies… an endless field of lilies.

Yeshua asked what I wanted to do with them. I asked Him: “What do they mean?” Then the Lord drew my attention to my wedding planning book and its section called the Language of Flowers. A lily symbolizes purity and a lily-of-the-valley symbolizes return of happiness. I then saw in the Spirit that I was in a large valley similar to where I grew up. My mind went right to “return to happiness.”

Return to happiness… WOW! I was immediately filled with joy, and began to see what a “return to happiness” meant for those close to me. No two pictures or people were alike.

One received a HUGE bouquet that represented grace.

For another, I saw a field of flowers swaying in a breeze. Her lilies-of-the-valley was swaying to the rhythms of heaven, as a heavenly chorus.

For another, there was a white pool of water where the lilies-of-the-valley were floating on top. I understood that this one must come and get cleansed by Jesus by being immersed into a bath that is covered with her “return to happiness.” She is on a search, but doesn’t know where to find Him. That’s okay for He is seeking her out.

For one, I saw only one lily-of-the-valley. At the time, I had been working through a lot of forgiveness issues with this near and dear person. Yeshua told me that this person will only accept one lily-of-the-valley, but one a day. Without this person knowing it, their return to happiness would add up. Yeshua tied a silver cord-like ribbon around the first lily-of-the-valley. I believe it represented restoration and reconciliation in this one’s return to happiness.

What’s interesting about these lilies-of-the-valley is when they are in the spiritual ground in my vision, their “greenery” (i.e. stems, leaves) are transparent gold in appearance. This represents spiritual things – things of heaven. But when I see the flowers cut, the stems and leaves are actually green in color. “Return of Happiness” is tangible and recognizable in this earthly realm. I believe this speaks of the transporting of spiritual things to the natural. Just a note: The Lord is the focus in all things. When we bring Him into His proper place in our lives, our lives will flow in bountiful goodness of happiness.

~ Robin Main

Written November 17, 2013 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source.

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Our Jesus is the fragrant Lily of the Valley and we bear His fragrance to God. Jesus IS our return to happiness in every valley experience.

~Sharon McCarty



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