Speak of the Things the Father has Taught You

Creative Breath

“Then Jesus said unto them, When you have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know I AM He, that I do NOTHING of myself; but as the Father has taught me, I speak of these things” (John 8:28).

The word “taught” in John 8:28 has a plethora of meanings:

* as the Father has FLESHED me.
* as the Father has BODIED me.
* as the Father has CARRIED me.
* as the Father has PUBLISHED me.
* as the Father has PREACHED me.

* as the Father has ANNOUNCED THE GOOD NEWS by speaking of His righteousness manifesting through me.

* as the Father DECLARES HIS GOOD TIDINGS of I AM that I AM through the demonstration of His glory through me.

Speak of these things; and when I AM is lifted up, you and everybody else will know I AM that I AM!!! 

~ Robin Main


“The Father says that My creativity is a force within you to express in infinite and varied expressions My love and My power. I have many ways that I speak even though men of limited thinking only see Me doing things one way. I have not only anointed you I have also talented you. Your talents are the gifts that are making room for you to contain My blessing and express My destiny for your life. You will write and you will paint and you will craft even with the crafts of a cunning craftsman. The uninitiated will look and marvel for you will not emulate others but be a pace setting in the arts and crafts and creative abilities across the full spectrum of human artistic expression.

So take up the pen and palette says the Father. Take up the pen and commit to paper the words and rhymes that I have sent spinning in your imagination. The ideas and suggestions I have placed within you are not vain dreams but true expressions of My heart and My mind that will not only bless you in the making but communicate My gospel to those lost in darkness and confusion. Say to your mind to be open and to your heart to be poured out for this is My now season for your giftings and capabilities to release the full expression of My heart!”

~ Russell Walden


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