Keys Crystal Heart

In this Kingdom Day, the Eternal Order of Melchizedek (with Jesus Christ as its High Priest) will arise and restore all things.

The Biblical pattern for the manifestation of this holy royal priesthood has been foreshadowed at the incident of the Golden Calf where an uncompromising tribe radically demonstrated their whole-hearted devotion to God.

After Moses smashed the Tablets (when he saw God’s people reveling), he stood in the gateway of the camp and passionately shouted, “Whoever is for YHVH, join me!” All the Levites gathered around him. Prior to this time, the first-born were chosen as the nation’s priests. Even though the rest of the people, who survived the purging, were loyal to God, they would not publically step forward to dedicate themselves uncompromisingly to His service.

Today, we have professional ministers, whom we are to love and honor, but many have compromised the holy standards of Kingdom Life. No longer will we have one man shows exalting the Kingdom of Self in the Name of God. Today is the day for a corporate company of uncompromising hearts to arise. Today, the eternal truth will be exhibited that all of His saints are equipped to minister His glorious heart.

Please note that the Golden Calf set apart whole-hearted lovers of the King of Glory who followed God uncompromisingly by sacrificially taking up their cross and learning obedience by the things suffered.

Tomorrow, we will look at how Levites foreshadowed being set apart for divine service. This will give us a better understanding of the basic level for what the Lord is asking of priests and kings today. Then, we will flow into what it means to be called of God after the Royal Order of Melchizedek. Give em heaven!!!

~ Robin Main


Reference: Exodus 32; Matt 16:24; Heb 5:4-10.


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