“With this wine and bread, I thee wed.”

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I helped organize daily prayer for a citywide event in 2000. On the Third Day, the Lord led a time of communion. He desired each participant to look solely at Yeshua (Jesus) and privately take the communion elements with Him, as one.

As I quieted myself down and slightly raised my portion of bread, I immediately heard a clear still, small voice say: “With this bread, I Thee wed.” I don’t remember what I was thinking at the time, but it certainly wasn’t along that line. It was such a revelatory moment. So I raised my bread a little higher and solemnly whispered, “With this bread, I thee wed.” Then I took the bread of heavenly common union and became one with it.

Next, I raised my cup. Again, I immediately and unmistakably heard inside my spirit: “With this wine, I Thee wed.” With total reverential awe, I whispered: “With this wine, I thee wed.”

I found out years later that Tuesdays (i.e. the third day of the week) is the day when weddings took place in ancient Israel. Our Beloved is coming to marry His pure and spotless Bride in this prophetic third day.

~ Robin Main


WED ~verb : to take for wife or husband by a formal ceremony : MARRY : to join in marriage : to pledge : to enter into matrimony

MARRY ~verb : to join as husband and wife : to give in marriage : to take a spouse : WED : to unite in close and unusually permanent relation

UNITE ~verb : to put together to form a single unit : to cause to adhere : to link by a legal or moral bond : to possess (as qualities) in combination : to become one or as if one : to become combined by or as if by adhesion : to act in concert [more at ONE]

COMBINE ~verb : to bring into such close relationship as to obscure individual characters : MERGE : to cause to unite into a single number or expression : BLEND : to possess in combination


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