Will you be made whole?

Fire & Water by JeWelL


Have you ever felt stagnant or stuck? Do you feel a need to contend for a breakthrough? Maybe your missing link is the need to set your heart and mind to being made whole; and then, persevering come what may.


The previous Sapphire Throne Ministries facebook post revealed that as we trust and walk with the Son of God in the midst of the fire, our yielded bodies – the entirety of a person’s nature or development – will be made whole.


Yeshua (Jesus) asked an impotent man; “Will you be made whole?” in John 5:6. It blew my mind yesterday when I saw the different messages that the word “whole” communicates (please refer to Strong’s Greek NT:5199 and NT:837). I basically understood that the “Will you be made whole?” question has been also directed to you and me, because currently the universal corporate body of Christ is impotent to a degree.


Yeshua is asking a certain infirm corporate Son of Man made up of immature sons:

•          Will you grow up?

•          Will you choose to mature?

•          Will you become a corporate body?

•          Will you be true and sound in doctrine?

•          Will you increase in My government and My peace?


Know that both the All-Consuming Fire and the Water of Life work together to make this happen. In No Man’s Land, sons who are being refined are seasoned with fire as well as being plunged into the Water of Life, so they can be MADE WHOLE (Rev 21:6; John 5:7; Mark 9:49):

•          Complete in body, soul and spirit.

•          Complete morally, mentally, and emotionally.

•          Complete in labor and growth.

•          A full age man.

•          A mature man.

•          An adult son.


BTW – No Man’s Land is the space and place where people daily yield to the crucifixion process (Matt 3:11; Matt 15:24; Gal 2:20), which is a personalized Baptism of Fire directed by the loving and gracious Spirit of the Living God. Walking in the same manner as Jesus in being crucified in union with Christ will enable our Kingdom of Self to disappear and the Kingdom of God to appear within ourselves; and then, unfold without to the whole wide world.


~ Robin Main



Art: Jewell LaLa Jeffery

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FB Post – “Sapphire Throne Ministries” 09-11-13 #2 http://facebook.com/SapphireThroneMinistries


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