Divine Conference Call with Dad

telephone antique

My Dad went on to be with the LORD eight years ago. Even though he was an incredible lover of Jesus and I knew that he eternally lives in the heavenlies, I deeply missed him.

I lived far away from him for years, so for 9 months after his passing I found myself continually saying, “I wished I would have called him more.” “I wished I would have called him more.” “I wished I would have called him more.”

One night in a dream, I heard a ring, ring. I picked up an antique phone in my dream and saw my Daddy in heaven. God had granted my hearts desire. It was like a video conference call sovereignly granted by the Ancient of Days. My Dad and I talked & talked. I remember even waking up and staying connected as I went to the restroom, then I went back to sleep still connected to this divine phone call. I knew that it was going to be me hanging up on this end, and I didn’t want to let go… So we talked and talked and talked and talked… Dad even put other dear family members on the divine video conference call. It was glorious and such an incredible gift that I will always be grateful for! The first thing Dad said was, “You should see the place that they’re building for the Bride up here!”

Golden City

One day not too long after that I was talking with Yeshua and I could see Him in the Spirit I said, “Tell Dad “Hi!” for me. Jesus turned to the side and yelled, “Lee! Robin says, “Hi!” I then heard my Dad yell, “Tell her Hi!” We had a good chuckle over that one.

Anyway, be encouraged! Your Loved Ones who have gone on to be with the LORD are closer than you know.

~Robin Main

FB Post – “Sapphire Throne Ministries” 09-17-13  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=549247528481079&set=pb.436004819805351.-2207520000.1380469458.&type=3&theater


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